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GTC offered more than 650 special events, sessions, and expert panels across technologies, industries, and skill levels. Check out some recommendations below to help you start your on-demand experience today. 

Special Events

Research Spotlight

Watch leaders in research to learn about the latest breakthroughs in graphics, autonomous vehicles, chip design, robotics, simulation, and generative AI.

DRIVE Developer Days

Learn from NVIDIA experts about the latest NVIDIA DRIVE® solutions for end-to-end autonomous vehicle development.

Healthcare and Life Sciences Developer Summit

Explore technical talks , demos, and hands-on workshops on the latest applications and frameworks advancing AI in healthcare.

Omniverse Developer Days

Learn how developers are building metaverse applications, extensions, and microservices for real-time simulation and digital twins with NVIDIA Omniverse™.

Jetson Edge AI Developer Days

Watch experts in robotics, edge AI, and computer vision for a deep-dive into building next-generation AI-powered applications and autonomous machines.

Cybersecurity Developer Day

Hear from cybersecurity experts from NVIDIA and our partners about how to use NVIDIA AI frameworks and tools to architect cybersecurity solutions for threat detection at scale.

Speech AI Developer Day

Speech AI Developer Day

Explore the latest advances in automatic speech recognition, multi-language translation, and text-to-speech.

Technology Essentials to Get You Started

Generative AI Demystified

Discover how generative AI (GA) helps businesses develop better products and services and deliver original content tailored to the unique needs of customers and audiences.

How to Write a CUDA Program

Get a step-by-step walkthrough of exactly how to approach writing a GPU program in NVIDIA® CUDA®. Learn how to begin, what to think about, and what to watch out for.

An Overview of Universal Scene Description (USD) for Building Virtual Worlds

USD is much more than just a file format. Join this session to learn about the latest developments from NVIDIA and our next major milestones.

A Deep Dive into the Latest HPC Software

Explore the latest developments in NVIDIA software for HPC applications. The session includes a comprehensive look at what’s new in programming models, compilers, libraries, and tools.

Panels We Think You’ll Enjoy

Learn How Artists Use Generative AI in their Workflows

Hear from top tool developers and artists who are pushing the boundaries of AI to address evolving workflows.

Modeling and Simulation Meet AI: AI for Science and Art

Explore the current state of knowledge discovery, as well as scientific and creative methods in the context of AI use.

Achieving Enterprise Transformation With AI and Automation Technologies

Hear about the opportunities, challenges, and best practices for leveraging AI to transform enterprises.

Change the World With a Career in AI

Get inspired by a panel of true innovators developing AI solutions that change the world in healthcare, climate, generative AI, social impact, and more.

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