Why Attend GTC 2024?

The in-person GTC experience is back—live from the San Jose Convention Center. Don’t miss this chance to connect with peers and industry experts to explore the latest technologies that are transforming every industry, from accelerated computing to generative AI and beyond.


GTC 2023 Virtual Registrations from 195 Countries




Talks, Training, Workshops, and Panels


Research Posters

Top Reasons to Join in Person

Research Spotlight

Live Experiences and Events

Engaging demos. Hands-on learning and exploration. Special receptions. And a powerful, inspiring keynote. Come to the conference and be there when it happens.

DRIVE Developer Days

Breakthrough Discoveries

Explore hundreds of sessions, workshops, labs, posters, and exhibits from accelerated computing to generative AI—and even a few unexpected surprises. All in one place.

Unique Networking Opportunities

Don’t miss this chance to connect, learn, and share with industry luminaries, NVIDIA experts, and peers–face-to-face.

Technology Essentials to Get You Started

Generative AI Demystified

Generative AI Demystified

Discover how generative AI (GA) helps businesses develop better products and services and deliver original content tailored to the unique needs of customers and audiences.

How to Write a CUDA Program

How to Write a CUDA Program

Get a step-by-step walkthrough of exactly how to approach writing a GPU program in NVIDIA® CUDA®. Learn how to begin, what to think about, and what to watch out for.

An Overview of Universal Scene Description (USD) for Building Virtual Worlds

An Overview of Universal Scene Description (USD) for Building Virtual Worlds

USD is much more than just a file format. Join this session to learn about the latest developments from NVIDIA and our next major milestones.

e into the Latest HPC Software

A Deep Dive into the Latest HPC Software

Explore the latest developments in NVIDIA software for HPC applications. The session includes a comprehensive look at what’s new in programming models, compilers, libraries, and tools.

Attendee Options

In-Person Experience

  • Jensen Huang’s live keynote
  • Talks for all technical levels and business strategy
  • 900+ talks and panels, including conference materials
  • 300+ exhibitors providing hands-on tech demos
  • Auto, Gen AI, Healthcare, Inception, Robotics, and XR Pavilions
  • Hands-on training
  • Theater presentations
  • Attendee lounges/Evening reception
  • Live from GTC interviews
  • Dinner with Strangers event
  • Poster Reception
  • The NVIDIA Gear Store
  • NVIDIA demos
  • Connect With the Experts sessions 

Virtual Experience

  • Keynote live stream
  • Limited live-streamed talks from the venue
  • Live stream from GTC interviews and demos
  • Regional AI Days and sessions
  • Training
  • Posters
  • Sponsored sessions
  • On-demand sessions after 72 hours
  • Watch parties
  • NVIDIA demos

Bring Your Team to GTC 2024

This is a unique chance to explore the latest technologies and insights first-hand and see how they can help you tackle your toughest challenges. We’re even helping you convince your manager with the tools below.

Who Attends GTC?

GTC attracts developers, researchers, and technologists from some of the top companies, universities, research firms, and government agencies from around the world.


Past Companies Attendees

Stay on top of technology advancements and discover expert insights—on your schedule.