GTC 2024 Conference Exhibits

Explore the hottest technology trends and meet the brilliant minds behind the breakthroughs.

Must-See Demos and Presentations


Join us to experience exclusive in-person demos, including the groundbreaking power of generative AI across industries, from healthcare to entertainment. Immerse yourself in the world of robotics and self-driving cars, as we unveil exclusive demos of amazing discoveries powered by NVIDIA technology.

NVIDIA GTC 2024 Expo

Expo Theater

Step into our captivating theater, where subject matter experts take the stage to unveil what's possible with AI solutions and more. Presenters include members of our Inception team, as well as our extensive partner ecosystem.

Explore Generative AI at GTC

Experience immersive, interactive, and fun generative AI installations—up close and in person.


Generative AI Theater

Join us at our theater, which showcases the groundbreaking work being done in generative AI, with innovations at every layer of the stack. Get an inside look at how organizations are building, customizing, and deploying generative AI models for every application.

Generative AI Pavilion

From healthcare to climate change, explore how generative AI is revolutionizing every industry through hands-on demos and interactive installations.

Gen AI Installation Art

Refik Anadol Studio

Generative AI Installation

Immerse yourself in an awe-inspiring art installation where language and visual generative AI models converge seamlessly. Refik Anadol's exploration of AI's cultural impact renders this experience a must-see for art enthusiasts and those fascinated by the intersection of technology and creativity.

Diamond Elite Sponsors

Check out the latest technological advancements from our partners at their booths in the exhibit hall.


AI Center of Excellence

Building an enterprise-scale AI Center of Excellence requires NVIDIA accelerated computing, plus a wide range of partner solutions. NVIDIA’s premier partners will be exhibiting their solutions in this pavilion, where IT leaders can engage with subject matter experts and have their questions answered.


The Automotive Pavilion showcases the latest cutting-edge
AI technologies driving the future of transportation. Discover how AI-powered in-vehicle computing, sensor simulation, and AI-powered infrastructure—from the cloud to the car—are transforming the industry. 

Healthcare and Life Sciences

The Healthcare Pavilion explores the latest AI use cases in understanding biology, screening for disease, surgical planning, and therapeutics design. Step into the future of patient care.

Inception Startups

NVIDIA Inception is helping over 17,000 technology startups worldwide accelerate their applications. Meet some of our members exhibiting at GTC and see their amazing work.

XR Zone

Immerse yourself in the latest NVIDIA XR solutions and see how our partners are pushing the ecosystem forward.

Industrial Digitalization

Discover how industry leaders spanning automotive, robotics, and semiconductors are using digital technologies to enable new levels of innovation, automation, and efficiency across industrial workflows.

AI at the Edge

From industrial automation and robotics to vision AI applications, the AI at the Edge Pavilion is the central hub for cutting-edge technologies. Powered by the NVIDIA Jetson™ and Isaac™ platforms, our partners’ solutions enable real-time decision-making, reduce latency, improve productivity, maintain privacy, and shape the future of AI.


Dive into the world of vision AI with NVIDIA Metropolis and connect with ecosystem partners at the pavilion.


NVIDIA, a leader in AI development, is showcasing innovative platforms for MLOps, LLMOps, generative AI, and more through our partners at the GTC MLOps/LLMOps Pavilion. Attendees will get the opportunity to explore the diverse range of partner platforms.

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Be a part of what comes next. Join us live at the San Jose Convention Center on March 18-21, 2024.