Creators Working in Omniverse

  • Visual Effects Designer 
  • 3D Concept Artist
  • Architectural Designer

Creating a Multi-App City of Brass

For an artist that works in a different app everyday, NVIDIA Omniverse enables Sir Wade Neistadt to work without bottlenecks. Pairing the Omniverse Platform with an NVIDIA RTX A6000 allows Sir Wade to “Put it all together, light it, render it, and have everything in context using RTX rendering, all with the option to never actually deal with exporting the data to and from applications a single time.”


Blending a Marbles Masterpiece

Being a conceptual artist, accurate, high quality renders done at light speed are a necessity when it comes to quick ideation and iteration. Jeremy Lightcap, one of our #CreateWithMarbles winners, was amazed by the render speed when working in Omniverse Create and Blender. He described his amazement on our Twitch livestream and mentioned his sailor scene “rendered in four seconds… and the quality was so crisp, and so good” with his GeForce RTX 3080 and Omniverse combination.


Redefining Architectural Beauty

With NVIDIA Omniverse and the NVIDIA RTX A6000, Chris Scott can enhance architectural visualization workflows and make smarter design choices, and improve client reviews. “We can show clients the projects and interact with the scene: where we can drag and drop objects, move things around, or even hide things,” said Chris. “Not only will NVIDIA Omniverse and NVIDIA RTX GPUs make our jobs better, but it will have an impact on design moving forward.”