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Supporting aspiring artists and industry professionals alike, the NVIDIA Studio platform supercharges your creative process. Explore the future of creation with sessions hosted by visionary artists, designers, and creative experts covering accelerated 3D, video editing, visual effects, and more.

Explore AI, Omniverse, and Beyond from Our Latest GTC Keynote

Take a closer look at the transformative technologies that are helping us take on the world’s greatest challenges–together.

Explore AI, Omniverse, and Beyond from Our Latest GTC Keynote

Take a closer look at the transformative technologies that are helping us take on the world’s greatest challenges–together.

NVIDIA Omniverse™ is a powerful design collaboration platform that enhances and accelerates your creative apps and workflows, letting you create like never before.

Visual Effects, Virtual Production, Rendering

See how artists and designers can take advantage of real-time ray tracing, AI features, and more to accelerate creative workflows.

  • Transforming Global Film Production Workflows with Omniverse

    > Roy C. Anthony | Global Head of Research, DNEG

    > Theo Facey | Head of Animation, London Studio, DNEG

    > Rosie Walker | Artist, Compositing, DNEG

    Real-time technologies and collaborative workflows will reinvent the artist experience and empower geographically diverse pipeline teams with next-generation tooling. Traditional production pipelines for offline render can require lengthy cycles between content generation and final review. As legacy solutions need tens of hours to render and transfer terabytes of data in studio, or globally between locations, production teams do not enjoy immediate feedback on changes. In this session, DNEG will share their explorations into Omniverse and GPU-accelerated workflows based on USD (Universal Scene Description), to provide a peek into the future of production.

  • Production-Quality, Final-Frame Rendering on the GPU

    > Robert Slater | Maxon Fellow, Maxon Computer, Inc.

    Learn about the latest features of Redshift, an NVIDIA GPU-accelerated renderer.    

  • Women Pioneers in Computer Graphics and Visual Effects

    > Theresa-Marie Rhyne | Color Maven, Self-Employed

    > Mark Sylvester | Executive Producer, Storytelling School

    > Nadia Magnenat Thalmann | Professor, Director of MIRALab, University of Geneva, Switzerland

    > Carolina Cruz-Neira | University of Central Florida

    > Holly Rushmeir | Yale

    > Joan Collins | LASiggraph

    > Lynwen Brennan | General Manager and EVP, Lucasfilm

    > Natalya Tatarchuk | Distinguished Technical, Fellow and Chief Architect, Professional Artistry & Graphics Innovation, Unity

    > Kristine Middlemiss | Monsters Aliens Robots, Zombies

    Don't miss this panel of industry pioneers discussing 30 years of computer graphics and visual effects for film and TV.

  • Put Your Body into It! Easy Talent Tracking in Virtual Environments

    > Øystien  Larsen | Chief Creative Officer, Pixotope

    Chief Creative Officer and multi-award winning Creative Director Øystein Larsen will explain how Pixotope implemented the NVIDIA Maxine Augmented Reality SDK to enable through-the-lens talent tracking for virtual studios and extended reality (LED volume) environments.

  • GPUs as a Platform for Professional Audio Processing

    > Jonathan Rowden | CBDO, GPU Audio

    > Alexander Talashov | CEO, Braingines

    How can audio processing stand up to 21st century content demands? GPU Audio answers this, and announces a world premiere product at GTC.

Image credit: Image Courtesy of Pixotope.

Building and Infrastructure Design

Discover the latest innovations that are helping architects and designers keep up with their advanced workflows. See what’s next in AI, collaborative design, advanced visualization, and more.

Image credit: Image courtesy of Kohn Pedersen Fox

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