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Join us online at GTC 2021 to learn about the latest breakthroughs in deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. We’ll feature speakers from various leading industries and domains, along with demos, related content, and more. Stay tuned for more information.

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Conversational AI

  • Technical Leaders in Natural Language Processing

    • Adam Henryk Grzywaczewski, Senior Deep Learning Data Scientist, NVIDIA
    • Mohammad Shoeybi, Research Manager, NVIDIA
    • Magnus Sahlgren, Head of Natural Language Processing, Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

    Large language models seem to be the future of NLP, but building them is far from trivial. This panel gathers leaders in NLP to discuss the key technical challenges that had to be overcome to make large language models a reality.

  • How to Quickly Build Working ASR Systems as a Startup

    • Marie Granier, CEO, Lexistems
    • Thomas Pellissier-Tanon, VO Research, Lexistems

    Lexistems is a French startup focusing on conversational AI to build better search systems. Learn how the NVIDIA platform, including NeMo and Triton, helped us quickly build a state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition (ASR) system in multiple languages.

  • Your First Steps to Design an Intelligent Assistant for Hands-Free Applications

    • David Taubenheim, Senior Data Scientist, NVIDIA

    Practical conversational AI systems like intelligent assistants (IA) now provide spoken responses to users’ requests in a fraction of a second thanks to accelerated computing. Learn the initial steps to create an example IA for a hands-free application: performing an upgrade to an aircraft while keeping maintenance notes.

Recommender Systems

  • Building and Deploying Recommender Systems Quickly and Easily with NVIDIA Merlin

    • Even Oldridge, Senior Manager, Recommender Systems Framework Team, NVIDIA

    In this session, we'll outline the open source NVIDIA Merlin framework, go over the library, and deep dive into the new features that have been added in the past year. NVIDIA Merlin now supports CPU implementations, as well as simpler ML models including collaborative filtering through the Implicit library. Join us to learn how you can leverage Merlin in your own RecSys pipeline.

  • Applying GPUs to Very Large Scale Recommender Machine Learning Inference

    • Xiang Wu, Ad Ranking Tech Lead, Snap
    • Dmitry Sigaev, Ml Engineer, Snap

    At Snap, we apply the latest ML technology to find engaging content and relevant ads. ML plays a central role in delivering long-term value to Snapchatters, creators, and our advertisers. In this talk, we’ll share our experiences and insights in applying the GPU technology to accelerate ML model inference.

Computer Vision

  • Quickly Develop Vision AI Applications from any Perspective

    • Chintan Shah, Sr. Product Manager Intelligent Video Analytics, NVIDIA

    Today’s businesses are relying on computer vision to improve product quality, enable autonomous shopping, detect early onset of diseases, and more. Delivering production-ready Vision AI applications can be daunting to many. We’ll show you how to use TAO Toolkit and pre-trained models with the help of customer examples, demos, and sample applications to get you up and running in minutes with minimal coding. This talk will focus primarily on creating a computer vision application by starting with a pre-trained model from NGC. We'll then fine-tune it using NVIDIA’s TAO Toolkit.

  • Accelerating the Development of Next-Generation AI applications with DeepStream 6.0

    • Alvin Clark, Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA

    Edge AI and distributed processing applications are at the forefront of the deep learning revolution. Learn how DeepStream can help you create the next big thing for retail, manufacturing, healthcare, smart cities, and beyond. Harnessing the power of DeepStream 6.0 has never been easier with the introduction of Graph Composer, while the addition of temporal video processing adds a number of new use cases.

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