The NVIDIA Research Summit is a cross-disciplinary forum targeting researchers interested in using GPUs in science and engineering. Attendees new to GPU computing will learn how GPU computing can drastically increase computational power and dramatically reduce time-to-discovery; attendees already using GPU computing can showcase their work, network with each other, learn advanced topics in GPU computing, and discuss their work with NVIDIA engineers and researchers. Register Now

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Join your colleagues, researchers in other fields, and the NVIDIA Research Group for this valuable opportunity to gather, learn, and collaborate. Researchers are achieving tenfold to hundredfold speedups using GPUs in fields ranging from molecular dynamics to astrophysics, from genomics to fluid dynamics. Come and learn how you can use, or better use, GPU computing technology in your own work.

Are you a professor, student or university researcher? If so, then you qualify for academic pricing. Visit our registration page for more information on pricing.

Watch Video Clips from GTC 2009 to Get a Taste of GTC 2010!

Trends in Visual Computing
Dr. Horst Bischof, Technical University Graz – Clip 1
Dr. Pat Hanrahan, Stanford – Clip 2
Dr. Blair MacIntyre, Georgia Institute of Technology – Clip 3

Pre-Event Tutorials
Maximize Your Conference Experience with Pre-Event Tutorials
Take advantage of our pre-conference tutorials to get up to speed on programming languages and APIs for the GPU. Doing so prior to the event will help you maximize your time during the advanced technical sessions and discussions. Pre-conference tutorials will be held on Monday, September 20, 2010 (please see agenda page for details). Additionally, there are on-going webinars and other archived resources on, CUDA Zone and Developer Zone.

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