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NVIDIA Public Sector Summit At GTC 2020

Discover the latest advances in the use of AI within the Public Sector through GTC sessions on demand.  You’ll hear from industry and public sector leaders on how AI can benefit the federal government and society at large, lessons learned through early implementations, and where AI is headed.

Building An AI Nation - Powered by Cisco

Don’t miss this series of panel discussions with public sector leaders on their lessons learned in deploying AI within the federal government and how we chart the path ahead. Hear from retired Lieutenant General Shanahan, Suzette Kent, former federal CIO, and David Spirk, Chief Data Officer for the Department of Defense. These on-demand sessions also feature AI leaders from CMU, Stanford, the Center for New American Security (CNAS), and more.

2020 Featured Speakers

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Monday, 10/5 Tuesday, 10/6
Wednesday, 10/7
Thursday, 10/8
On Demand
Keynote by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang >
06:00 PDT (UTC-13:00)
Moving Data Analytics to the Extreme Edge >
06:00 PDT (UTC-13:00)
NLP Solution: Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) >
06:00 PDT (UTC-13:00)
Solving Mission-oriented Challenges in the Federal Government with GAI’s 7 Layer AI Technology Stack >
6:00 PDT (UTC-14:00)
Intent-based Intelligent Code Refactoring >
Jado - Joint All Domains Operations >
08:00 PDT (UTC-15:00)
New High Performance Graphics Analytics Technique and a GPU Implementation >
07:00 PDT (UTC-14:00)
GPU Acceleration in Python >
07:00 PDT (UTC-14:00)
AI-based Accelerated Data Preparation and Automated Training Data Management >
Accelerating a CV Workflow with NVIDIA SDKs: A Customer’s Journey >
09:00 PDT (UTC-16:00)
GPU Accelerated End-to-End Signal Processing with Python >
09:00 PDT(UTC-16:00)
Special Event: Building an AI Nation >
08:00 PDT (UTC-15:00)
Accelerated Hyperautomation: Applying AI/ML to Traditional Robotic Process Automation >
Detection and Attribution of Road Networks Using Mask RCNN and ResNet >
10:00 PDT (UTC-17:00)
Scalable Speech and Text An -alytics for Large Audio Collections >
12:00 PDT (UTC 19:00)
Building a Next-generation Cyber Flyaway Kit >
13:00 PDT (UTC-20:00)
Grounded Language Learning in Robotics >
Deep Learning and Predictive Analytics for Platform Sustainment Panel >
13:00 PDT (UTC-20:00)
Control Theory Defenses Against Adversarial Attacks >
Using Natural Language Processing to Improve Government Contracting >
Deploying and Developing Enterprise NLP Solutions >
Leverage Data Processing
at the Edge for
Mission-critical Success >

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See Highlights From GTC DC 2019

Take a look at the groundbreaking demos, presentations, posters, sessions, and networking events that brought leaders from around the world together at last year’s GTC.


Realizing the Vision for an AI University

Every year, we see artificial intelligence moving from the pages of science textbooks into the core fabric of modern society. Now, more than ever, higher education and research institutions find themselves at the crossroads of innovation. This year at GTC, join experts from NVIDIA and the University of Florida in a panel discussion that will focus on defining an AI university, laying out a blueprint, and exploring its impact on developing a better world.

National AI Policy

At GTC 2020, we’ll be expanding on our conversations around a national strategy to propel AI development. Building on comments by the U.S. CTO Michael Kratsios, then-CIO Suzette Kent, and other industry and government leaders, this GTC will focus on how Congress is working to advance AI legislation, and the FCC’s efforts to promote AI in 5G.

Global Public Sector

We’re building on the momentum of GTC DC’s International AI Nations discussion, attended by many foreign government leaders, to bring you a series of sessions focused on accelerated computing, AI policy, and the public sector. We’ll cover the critical need for countries of all sizes to shift from developing to implementing national AI strategies, the role of trustworthy AI, and the impact of AI startups.

Don't miss the sessions:

Global Public Sector

Innovation Never Sleeps

GPU-accelerated systems are assisting during natural disasters, serving communities by improving safety, power efficiency, and traffic flows, and helping leaders solve the biggest challenges within the areas of cyber defense and cyber resilience.