NVIDIA Linux Update


Ease of use installation and deployment of software
NVIDIA Linux Update automatically detects the Linux operating system, kernel type, and CPU on a system and sets up the system for optimal performance and stability.  Deploying NVIDIA graphics cards on Linux has never been easier, letting IT managers and end users set up their systems with ease.

Future-proof drivers
Intelligent driver update utility that downloads the latest NVIDIA drivers and software components to keep your system running for maximum uptime.  Simply run NVIDIA Linux Update and let it check for the latest software for your NVIDIA graphics card to ensure the highest compatibility.

Flexible design
Designed to offer users the easiest driver setup, yet powerful enough to allow customized installs.  Beginner users will have their graphics card configured and running the latest 3D applications and games with no complications, while power users can use the command line options to customize NVIDIA Linux Update for their environment.

Fully supports all major Linux Operating Systems and CPUs
Includes out of box support for Red Hat Linux, Mandrake and SuSE operating systems and all standard Intel and AMD 32-bit processors.  However, if you want to use another Linux distribution, NVIDIA Linux Update will setup and install graphics driver for that environment.

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