Follow Your Passion. Lead a Movement.

You’ll solve some of the world’s hardest problems and discover never-before-seen ways to improve the quality of life for people everywhere. From healthcare to robots. Self-driving cars to blockbuster movies. And a growing list of new opportunities every single day. Watch this video for a glimpse at why NVIDIA is like no place you've ever worked.


Help Us Transform Entire Industries

The breakthroughs we’re making at NVIDIA are impacting businesses everywhere, helping them work faster, better, and smarter. Join one of our many teams, which include Ray Tracing, Robotics, Gaming, AI, Graphics and Data Center.


Help companies of all sizes embrace industry-changing technologies like RAPIDS to analyze massive amounts of data to make better, faster business decisions.


Give cars the ability to see, think, learn, and navigate a nearly infinite range of driving scenarios for faster, safer autonomous driving.


Join our hardware team for the opportunity to have real impact in a dynamic, technology-focused company. Our product lines range from consumer graphics to self-driving cars to the growing field of AI. We’ve built an exceptional team of people from around the globe whose mission is to push the frontiers of what’s possible and to define the platform for the future of computing.

Explore Life at NVIDIA

We’re an eclectic, passionate group of professionals dedicated to solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. The project is the boss—even for our CEO. We thrive on seamless collaboration and shared success while embracing diversity and individuality. NVIDIANs are able to do their life's work here because they know they'll be taken care of in meaningful ways. We focus on programs that look after you and your families' financial, emotional, and medical well-being.  

Want to Be an NVIDIAN?

Here’s how to get started doing your life’s work.

  • 1: Search & apply

    Explore all the roles

    Find the ones that match your skills and interests.

    Get noticed

    Make sure that your resume aligns with the position you’re interested in and apply directly through our website or by using your LinkedIn profile. It’s OK to apply for the top five roles that best match your background.

    Hear back

    We’ll let you know when we’ve received your info and if there’s a match.

  • 2: Let’s meet


    You’ll meet with the hiring manager, team members, and employees from other groups—by phone or in person. Depending on the role, you may have several interviews. If your skills and background match a different role, or if a new opportunity opens up during this process, you may be invited to interview for that position as well.


    One-on-one, small group, or panel interviews usually lasts 30-60 minutes each. Prospects for technical roles may be asked to complete a coding exercise, which is usually done on a whiteboard or laptop that we provide.

    Tap your recruiter

    Get fast help with any suggestions or questions. And a tip: NVIDIANs tend toward business casual but wear what’s comfortable for you.

  • 3: Join the team

    Wait for our decision

    We’ll get back to you in a few short weeks with next steps.

    Review your offer

    If it’s a green light, you’ll receive your offer from the recruiter. If you accept, sign and send back we’ll start your new hire onboarding.

    You’re an NVIDIAN!

    Sit back and stay tuned for an email with details about your upcoming orientation.

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