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The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) offers resources for diverse learning needs—from learning materials to self-paced and live training to educator programs. Individuals, teams, organizations, educators, and students can now find everything they need to advance their knowledge in AI, accelerated computing, accelerated data science, graphics and simulation, and more.

Get Technical Training at GTC

Get Technical Training at GTC

Take advantage of discounted rates for instructor-led workshops at GTC covering generative AI, LLMs, graphics & design, and more.

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The Conference for the Era of AI and the Metaverse

Developer Conference March 20-23 | Keynote March 21

Don't miss these upcoming DLI workshops at GTC.

Fundamentals of Deep Learning

Learn the key techniques and tools required to train a deep learning model through hands-on exercises in computer vision and natural language processing.

Data Parallelism: How to Train Deep Learning Models on Multiple GPUs

Discover the techniques for data-parallel deep learning training on multiple GPUs and work with deep learning tools, frameworks, and workflows to perform neural network training.

Building Conversational AI Applications

Learn how to quickly build and deploy production-quality conversational AI applications with real-time transcription and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.

DLI full-day GTC workshops and training labs are sponsored by:

Microsoft Azure

See What’s New From DLI

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Generative AI With Diffusion Models

Dive deeper on denoising diffusion models, and see how generative AI plays a significant role across industries.

NVIDIA Omniverse displayed on screen

Essentials of Developing Omniverse Kit Applications

See what makes Universal Scene Description (USD) unique, and learn about the fundamentals of describing, composing, simulating, and collaborating within 3D worlds.

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Enhancing Data Science Outcomes With Efficient Workflows

Create an end-to-end hardware-accelerated machine learning pipeline for large datasets. Use diagnostic tools to identify delays, and learn to mitigate pitfalls.

Become Fluent in AI With Free Self-Paced Courses

Unlock the power of AI with NVIDIA’s AI Learning Essentials. Master cutting-edge AI technologies through self-paced, expert-led courses designed to elevate your skills and boost your career.

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GTC DLI Training Sessions on Demand

Explore DLI Solutions

Self-Paced, Online Courses

Live, Virtual, Instructor-Led Workshops

Educator Programs and Teaching Kits

Solutions for Enterprises and Organizations

Deloitte is committed to staying on the forefront of AI innovation, co-innovating with clients and accelerating their AI-fueled journeys. NVIDIA has collaborated with us to shape a DLI curriculum that is customized to the needs of our AI professionals and projects. The courses have enabled us to tap into the power of our own NVIDIA DGX system to explore novel AI use cases.

- Christine Ahn, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and NVIDIA Alliance Chief Commercial Officer

Benefits of NVIDIA Hands-On Training

Learn from technical industry experts and instructors

Access to Technical Expertise

Learn from technical industry experts and instructors who are passionate about developing curriculum around the latest technology trends.

Deep learning live workshops from anywhere

Flexible Training

Take online courses on your own schedule or join live workshops from anywhere with just your computer.

Industry-standard software, tools, and frameworks

Industry-Standard Tools and Frameworks

Gain hands-on experience with the most widely used, industry-standard software, tools, and frameworks.

Learn to build deep learning, accelerated computing

Applications Across Industries

Learn to build deep learning, accelerated computing, and accelerated data science  applications for industries, such as healthcare, robotics, manufacturing, and more.

Earn an NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute certificate


Earn an NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute certificate in select courses to demonstrate subject matter competency and support professional career growth.

Gain real-world expertise through content designed in collaboration


Gain real-world expertise through content designed by NVIDIA and industry experts.

Access fully configured, GPU-accelerated servers

GPU-Accelerated Servers in the Cloud

Access fully configured, GPU-accelerated servers in the cloud to complete hands-on exercises included in the training.

Build production-quality solutions with the DLI

Reduce Time to

Build production-quality solutions with the same DLI base environment containers used in the courses, available from the NVIDIA NGC catalog.

Enterprise Solutions

Build your team’s skills and confidence in the areas of accelerated computing, graphics, and advanced networking with our comprehensive technical training program. A training needs assessment helps identify skill gaps while learning paths provide the steps needed to develop competency in key areas. Training advisors work with you to create customized training plans and support you every step of the way. Our Enterprise Training program can help you develop the talent you need to fuel innovation and drive growth in this age of AI, high-performance computing (HPC) and the metaverse.

Learning Paths

Interested in a particular topic? Check out our learning paths, which outline recommended courses and workshops to develop competency and gain credentials in specific areas.

Learning Paths

Featured Self-Paced, Online Courses

Learn how to set up an end-to-end project in less than a day or how to apply a specific technology or development technique in just a few hours—anytime, anywhere, with just a computer and an internet connection. Select courses offer a certificate of competency to support career growth.

Getting Started with Deep Learning

Essentials of Developing Omniverse Kit Applications

Getting Started With Accelerated Computing With CUDA/C++

RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark

Generative AI Explained

Build Beautiful, Custom UI for 3D Tools on NVIDIA Omniverse

Featured Instructor-Led Workshops

Organizations can request instructor-led workshops from the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute to boost and develop skills in AI, HPC, and the metaverse. Our virtual hands-on workshops are taught by DLI-certified instructors who are experts in their fields, and breakout rooms support collaboration among students and interaction with instructors. After completing workshops, students can earn a certificate of competency to validate their skillset.

Generative AI With Diffusion Models

Building Conversational AI Applications

Enhancing Data Science Outcomes With Efficient Workflows

Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing With CUDA Python

Model Parallelism: Building and Deploying Large Neural Networks

Fundamentals of Deep Learning

Educator Programs and
Teaching Kits

NVIDIA DLI offers downloadable course materials for university educators and free self-paced, online training to students through DLI Teaching Kits. Educators can also get certified to teach DLI workshops on campus through the University Ambassador Program.

Learning Deep Learning

Get started with deep learning with this new book from NVIDIA’s Magnus Ekman.

Learning Deep Learning is a complete guide to deep learning. Illuminating both the core concepts and the hands-on programming techniques needed to succeed, this book is ideal for developers, data scientists, analysts, and others—-including those with no prior machine learning or statistics experience. The book provides concise, well-annotated code examples using TensorFlow with Keras. And with corresponding PyTorch examples provided online, the book covers the two dominating Python libraries used for deep learning in industry and academia.

Get started with deep learning with this new book from NVIDIA’s Magnus Ekman.


DLI works with industry partners to build content and deliver instructor-led workshops around the world.

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