GPU Virtualization for Every Workload

From VDI to AI

NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) solutions bring the power of NVIDIA GPUs, including the Ampere generation, to virtual desktops, apps, and workstations, accelerating graphics and compute to make virtualized workspaces accessible to creative and technical professionals working from home offices or anywhere.

How NVIDIA Virtual GPus Accelerate Productivity Anywhere

Exceptional User Experience

Exceptional User Experience

Ultimate user experience with the ability to support both compute and graphics workloads in hypervisor-based virtualization environments.

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Predictable Performance

Predictable Performance

Consistent performance and quality of service, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation

Regular software releases ensure that you stay up to date with the latest features and enhancements.

Proven Reliability

Best User Density

Industry’s highest user-density solution with support for up to 32 virtual desktops per physical GPU. Lower TCO with more than eight vGPU profiles for the most flexibility to provision resources to match your users’ needs.

Optimal Management and Monitoring

Optimal Management and Monitoring

True, end-to-end management and monitoring with real-time insight into GPU performance and migration technology, as well as broad partner integrations that enable you to use the tools that you know and trust.

Broadest Support Ecosystem

Broadest Ecosystem Support

Support for all major hypervisors, over 140 certified servers, and an extensive portfolio of professional apps accelerated by GPUs.

The Next Era of Enterprise AI

NVIDIA and VMware are partnering to bring AI to every enterprise, and now, they’re unlocking the power of AI in the hybrid cloud. NVIDIA AI Enterprise is the comprehensive software suite that enables AI on VMware vSphere—delivering near bare-metal performance to virtualized environments.



Live Migration

Live Migrate NVIDIA vGPU-powered virtual desktops without end-user interruption and with no data loss.

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Management & Monitoring

Spend less time troubleshooting and more time focused on strategic projects.

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Harness the power of multiple GPUs in a single VM to scale application performance and dramatically speed up production workflows.

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Virtual Client Computing

Designers and engineers working with increasingly complex models can work more efficiently, collaborate across geographies, and bring their creations to market more quickly with NVIDIA Quadro® Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS )

Knowledge workers who use graphics-intensive applications and often multi-task across dual monitors can leverage NVIDIA GRID to scale VDI deployments with a consistently appealing user experience.

Virtual Compute-Intensive Server Workloads

Virtual Compute-Intensive Server Workloads

NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server provides the ability to virtualize GPUs and accelerate compute-intensive server workloads, including AI, Deep Learning, and HPC. With this, automotive manufacturers can use the latest in simulation and compute technologies to create the most fuel efficient and stylish designs and researchers can analyze the function of genes to develop medical treatments more quickly.


Professionals in every industry are realizing the power of GPU-accelerated virtual desktops and workstations. Find out how NVIDIA virtual GPU technology drives increased productivity, manageability, and security across these key industries.


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