Management and Monitoring

GPU-Driven Insights for the Virtual Workspace

Improve Visibility Across Your
Workspace Lifecycle.

NVIDIA virtual GPUs (vGPUs) give IT a complete lifecycle approach for managing the entire user experience—from infrastructure right-sizing to proactive management and issue remediation. You can now take advantage of actionable insights at every phase of VDI deployment to deliver the right level of performance to every user in their virtual environment. With monitoring capabilities that provide deep insights into each virtual machine, coupled with live migration capabilities, IT can now deliver a quality user experience with high availability.


Virtual gpu solutions

Live Migration
Ensure continuous uptime by migrating live, GPU-accelerated VMs, with no impact to the user and no loss of data.

Simplified Deployment
Easily understand GPU utilization during the assessment and proof-of-concept phase and ensure an optimized user experience from day one.

Proactive Management
Create thresholds that expose consumption trends impacting user experiences before they become an issue.

Faster Support
Quickly isolate and correlate GPU bottlenecks to drive down help desk costs and keep users delighted.

3 Ways To Integrate Your It Department With NVIDIA vGPU Monitoring

  • Leverage familiar tools, including perfmon and NVIDIA SMI (CLI).
  • Choose from an ecosystem of partner solutions that offer single-pane-of-glass management of the VDI infrastructure, from the client to the server to the GPU and beyond. 
  • Use the open NVIDIA SDK, ideal for organizations who want to build their own infrastructure monitoring and management tools leveraging host, guest, and application graphics insights.

Enable Live Migration in as Little as 2 Clicks!

Enable Live Migration In As Little As 2 Clicks!

NVIDIA offers the only virtual GPU solution that enables live migration. In NVIDIA GPU-enabled VDI environments, the IT administrator can move a running virtual machine from one physical server to another with minimal downtime and no loss of data. During the workload migration, users continue to have access to applications they need, ensuring high productivity.

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A More Flexible And Agile It Department

Dramatically Lower Operational Costs

“Thanks to NVIDIA virtual GPU monitoring, we have a team of 3 people who easily manage 1,500 users daily between the Linux and Windows VDI environments. That’s a 500 to 1 management philosophy. You don’t get that anywhere. It’s a huge cost savings in administrative time.”

– Mike Bantz, Engineer and Technical Lead, Digital Globe

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Better Optimize Resources

“Honda’s IT departments can now allocate the right amount of vGPU necessary for the right users through a unified view of all physical GPUs. With NVIDIA virtual GPU monitoring, Honda can now proactively meet the requirements of both power users and knowledge workers based on more efficient operation.”

-Masashi Okubo, Assistant Chief Engineer, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

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Improve Time to Resolution

“NVIDIA virtual GPU monitoring has enabled us to respond to the needs of our users on the fly, with the ability to bump them up to something bigger. It’s a matter of two clicks and they’re on a machine sized perfectly for them.”

-Andrew Schilling, Chief Infrastructure Officer, CannonDesign

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Partner Integrations For GPU Management And Monitoring