For over 20 years, NVIDIA Quadro® has been the world’s most trusted brand for professional visual computing. If you’re looking to update your Quadro product, you’ll find that professional visualization products are now branded as NVIDIA RTX™ and all NVIDIA enterprise products are now branded as "NVIDIA".

NVIDIA Quadro Upgrades

Looking to upgrade or replace your current NVIDIA Quadro product?  NVIDIA RTX provides solutions from desktop to data center to meet your visual computing needs.

NVIDIA Quadro products may still be available from partners. If you’re looking for the latest NVIDIA RTX products, use this chart to find the right GPU for you.

  Architecture Generation  
Series Pre-Kepler Kepler Maxwell Pascal Volta Turing Today’s Equivalent
Quadro K6000 (for FP64)
Quadro GP100 Quadro GV100
Quadro GV100

Quadro RTX 8000 RTX A6000
6000 Older 6000-series
Quadro M6000 (12GB),
Quadro M6000 24GB
Quadro P6000
Quadro RTX 6000 RTX A6000
5000 Older 5000-series Quadro K5000,
Quadro K5200
Quadro M5000 Quadro P5000
Quadro RTX 5000 RTX A5000,
RTX A5500
4000 Older 4000-series Quadro K4000,
Quadro K4200
Quadro M4000 Quadro P4000
Quadro RTX 4000 RTX A4000,
RTX A4500
2000 Older 2000-series Quadro K2000,
Quadro K2000D,
Quadro K2200
Quadro M2000 Quadro P2000,
Quadro P2200

RTX A2000,
RTX A2000 12GB
1000 Older 1000-series Quadro K1200 Quadro M1000M Quadro P1000
T1000 T1000 8GB
600 Older 600-series Quadro K600,
Quadro K620

Quadro P620
NVIDIA T600 T1000
400 Older 400-series Quadro K420,
Quadro K410

Quadro P400
T400 T400 4GB
NVS 800, 500, 315 (4 display) NVS 315 (4 display) NVS 510 NVS 810

T1000 (4GB),
T1000 8GB
NVS 300 NVS 310,
NVS 315

T400 (3 display)

Quadro Accessory Upgrades

Accessories are available to enhance or extend the capabilities of your RTX GPU

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