Infrastructure for Self-Driving Cars

Autonomous Vehicles are Born in the Data Center

NVIDIA DRIVE® Infrastructure encompasses the complete data center hardware, software, and workflows needed to develop safe autonomous vehicles—from neural network development and training to testing and validation in simulation.

Build Your Models Faster

NVIDIA DGX Cloud is a serverless, AI-training-as-a-service platform for automotive companies that depend on AI. With integrated best-in-class software, direct access to NVIDIA AI experts, and near-limitless access to high-performance compute, DGX Cloud increases autonomous vehicle development and training efficiency, at the scale and capacity necessary for developers.

Test and Train Virtually

Autonomous vehicles must be thoroughly tested and validated before deployment on public roads. With NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs, developers can integrate high-fidelity, physically based sensor simulation and behavior into existing workflows at cloud scale.


Accelerate AV Development with DGX Cloud and NVIDIA AI Enterprise

In this webinar, learn how NVIDIA DGX Cloud provides ‌high-performance computing at scale, and how NVIDIA AI Enterprise provides access to hundreds of AV frameworks.

NVIDIA DRIVE Infra for AV Development and Testing

Gain insights from NVIDIA's AV training and testing efforts on NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, including AI infrastructure at scale, overcoming data management challenges, and ML Ops.

AI Training for AVs

Hear how NVIDIA is developing autonomous vehicles and training neural networks to let AVs perceive and react to their environments.

Find out how you can start developing AI-powered autonomous vehicles.