Supporting aspiring artists and industry professionals alike, the NVIDIA Studio platform supercharges your creative process. Our industry-leading GPUs, paired with our exclusive driver technology, enhance your creative apps with a level of performance and ability that is nothing short of inspiring. With NVIDIA Studio empowering your workflows, you’re free to realize your most ambitious projects yet.

Creative Fields

The GPU Advantage

  • Video Editing
  • 3D & Rendering
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Architectural Visualization
  • Broadcasting

Video Editing and Motion Graphics

Create Moving Stories, Fast

Shoot, edit, and deliver faster in 4K, 6K, even 8K, saving you hours.

Export time (laptop)
Shorter times are better

RTX 3080 Ti
GeForce RTX 3060
MacBook Pro 16 (5600M)

Color grading and editing time (laptop)
Shorter times are better

RTX 3080 Ti
RTX 3070 Ti
MacBook Pro 16 (M1 Max)

3D & Rendering

Performance Makes Worlds Of Difference

Model and render rich virtual worlds with blazing fast performance across leading creative apps.

Rendering time with Cycles (laptop)
Shorter times are better

RTX 3080
RTX 3060
MacBook Pro 16 (M1 Max)

Render up to 7x faster (Laptop)

RTX 3080 Ti
RTX 3070 Ti
RTX 3060
MacBook Pro 16 (M1 Max)


Edit at the Speed Of Light

Capturing an image is only the beginning. Easily touch-up your high-res photos with 30+ GPU-accelerated effects including AI features to enhance your artwork.

Adjust photos up to 5.5x faster (Laptop)

RTX 3080 Ti
RTX 3060
RTX 3050 Ti
MacBook Pro 16 (M1 Max)

Graphic Design

Fast, by Design

Adobe Creative Cloud gets lightning fast with NVIDIA Studio technology, letting you craft and enhance your work quicker than ever.

Illustrate and design graphics up to 3.2x faster (Laptop)

RTX 3050 Ti
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Stager

Architectural Visualization

Supercharge Your Space

Effortlessly visualize worlds and spaces in stunning reality using RTX GPU-accelerated ray tracing in Unreal Engine 4, Chaos V-Ray and Enscape.

Render up to 6.1x faster (Laptop)

RTX 3080 Ti
RTX 3070 Ti
RTX 3060
MacBook Pro 16 (M1 Max)
Unreal Engine


Built to Broadcast

Unlock pro-level quality and performance in your favorite streaming apps with NVIDIA's exclusive GPU encoder, NVENC. And turn any room into a home studio with the NVIDIA Broadcast App.

Relative Performance


Studio Drivers

The Invisible Advantage

Behind every NVIDIA GPU and every creator are NVIDIA Studio Drivers. Together with creative app developers, teams of testers and engineers are continually optimizing the way your NVIDIA hardware works with your favorite creative applications—enhancing features, reducing the repetitive, and speeding up your workflow. Studio Drivers undergo extensive testing to deliver the performance and reliability you need so you can create at the speed of imagination.

To download the latest Studio drivers and exclusive creative apps like NVIDIA Omniverse and NVIDIA Broadcast, explore our resources page.

Connect your creative worlds to a universe of possibility

NVIDIA Omniverse™ on Studio laptops and desktops brings your ideas to life faster than ever. Connect your favorite 3D apps and ideas to discover new and intuitive workflows, techniques, and creative opportunities. And with advanced physics, materials, AI-powered tools, and the RTX Renderer’s real-time ray tracing and cinematic path tracing, there’s no limit to what you can create.


NVIDIA’s high-performance GPUs deliver the perfect canvas for creators to explore, create, and share their inspiring visions.

Hear It From the Pros


Armando Ferreira reviews the Dell XPS 17 Studio Edition laptop, highlighting how NVIDIA Studio can help accelerate your video editing workflows.

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