NVIDIA AI Workbench

Productivity wherever you need to work.

Making Gen AI Development Possible for Everyone

NVIDIA AI Workbench is a unified, easy-to-use toolkit that allows developers to quickly create, test and customize pretrained generative AI models and LLMs on a PC or workstation -- then scale them to virtually any data center, public cloud or NVIDIA DGX Cloud.  A simplified user interface enables collaboration across AI project teams and streamlined access to popular repositories like Hugging Face, GitHub and NVIDIA NGC.

Features and Benefits

AI Workbench removes the complexity of technical tasks that can derail experts and halt beginners, helping to democratize AI development for everyone.

Enhanced Productivity

Set up containers and developer environments on Windows and Linux machines with one click. Or get no-setup access to the best GPU-optimized frameworks through JupyterLab and VS Code.

Reproducibility and Portability

Easily containerize GitHub content to build quality models faster in your Jupyter environment. Open-source software from GitHub, Hugging Face, and NVIDIA NGC™ runs on Windows and Linux without extra effort.

Multi-Site Team Collaboration

Collaborate and share work projects locally and remotely with ease. Effortlessly move workloads across laptops, GPU servers, cloud instances, and NVIDIA DGX™ Cloud.

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