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Massive datasets. Perpetual market fluctuations. Swift analysis. Intelligent technology can address critical challenges within the modern financial services industry. Institutions can boost risk management, data-backed decisions, and security with NVIDIA’s AI, deep learning, and machine learning tools.

Key Financial Sectors

  • Computational Risk

    Computational Risk

  • Accelerated Computing for Trading

    Accelerated Computing for Trading

  • Fraud Detection

    Fraud Detection

Computational Risk

Accurate forecasts are critical for the performance of businesses. NVIDIA’s AI platform accelerates the creation of models that help financial experts assess trends, identify risks, and ensure better information for prospective planning.

Using an NVIDIA DGX-2 system running accelerated Python libraries, NVIDIA shattered the previous STAC-A3 benchmark result by running  20 million simulations versus the previous record of 3,200 simulations during the prescribed 60-minute test period.

– NVIDIA Delivers More Than 6,000x Speedup on Key Algorithm for Hedge Funds, NVIDIA Blog

Accelerated Computing for Trading

Faster processing results in successful trade execution and increased revenue. GPU-powered hardware acceleration decreases latency, allowing operations to remain competitive.

Financial modeling for trading involves a considerable amount of expertise and time. The speed of NVIDIA-accelerated systems enables new design choices for a variety of models.

– How GPU-Accelerated Compute Marks A New Era for Financial Trading technical brief

Fraud Detection

The complexity of fraudulent activity, such as payment theft and money laundering, has evolved in proportionate to advancements in technology. Deep learning (DL) dramatically reduces false positives in transactional fraud.

With the availability of large volumes of customer data, such as raw transactions over time (RNN) and transaction summary vectors (RNN and CNN),  firms can train AI neural networks like autoencoders and models to identify irregularities in transactional activity patterns.

97% of all AML cases are false positives, which takes up significant operations resources.

Leveraging Deep Learning To Build Safer Anti-Money Laundering Solutions Webinar

How GPUs Are Changing the Industry

Discover the key role GPUs are playing in Wells Fargo’s risk management strategy.

When you’re ready for a deeper dive, continue exploring to see how other leaders in financial services are leveraging the power of GPUs. 

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