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NVIDIA Partners in Financial Services

Discover NVIDIA Partners Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Financial Services

Our industry partners are experts who support the evolution of your enterprise AI and high-performance computing capabilities, whether on premises, in the cloud, or on hybrid infrastructure.


Segment:  Banking

Hopsworks uses their machine learning collaboration platform to help financial institutions increase fraud capture rates.



Segment: Trading

With Riskfuel, valuations and risk sensitivities are calculated in real time throughout the trading day, so clients always know their portfolio value and risk sensitivities as the market changes.



Segment: Banking, Trading, Payments

Run:ai supercharges AI infrastructure with dynamic scheduling and innovative GPU fractioning, rapidly accelerating critical AI initiatives.


Trailblazing AI Financial Services Startups

More than 800 AI financial services startups worldwide are in the NVIDIA Inception program, accelerating innovation across all areas of the industry, from fraud detection to customer service. The program offers a wide range of benefits to support all stages of a startup’s lifecycle.

Fintech Company Blocks Fraud Attacks for Financial Institutions

NVIDIA Inception member Featurespace uses AI to fight financial crime, including credit card fraud and money laundering. Learn how Featurespace’s deep learning models have prevented different kinds of fraud, including those that involve credit cards, payments, applications and money laundering.


Synthetic Data for Scaling Explainable AI Across Financial Services

MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data platform enables organizations to generate synthetic datasets in a fully self-service, automated way. See how the NVIDIA Inception member is leveraging explainable AI to validate its models.

NVIDIA Partner Network

The NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) is a comprehensive ecosystem of technology experts with the advanced skills to design, build, and deliver the AI-accelerated computing solutions that meet the demanding needs of your business.

Hopsworks’ Enterprise Feature Store is the leading Python-centric enterprise machine learning platform for the full lifecycle of AI projects. It offers best in-class performance and an effective collaborative layer for all data teams, allowing them to leverage any data source for any application at any performance or scale across any environment.


Fraud Capture With Machine Learning

Fraud and money laundering are the biggest problems financial institutions face every year. They can lead to millions of dollars in losses, poor customer experiences, and hefty fines. This makes it critical to invest in AI models and the right hardware and software architectures. For anti-money laundering, financial institutions use terabyte-scale datasets in the form of tabular and graph data to train complex deep learning models like generative adversarial networks (GANs).




Risk Reduction for Refinery Operators

Riskfuel technology dramatically reduces the runtime of models in quantitative finance, bringing new opportunities for trade accuracy and risk management to financial institutions.


Model Accelerator

With its proprietary machine learning technology, Riskfuel can accurately approximate the quantitative models used to price and calculate the risk sensitivities of any financial instrument.  

Riskfuel’s solution facilitates risk scenario generation fast enough for banks and financial institutions to conduct real-time and intra-day analysis. This helps drive efficiency in front-office trade pricing, hedging, and market and counterparty credit risk evaluation.




Run.ai provides the software layer implicit in empowering AI infrastructure and innovation. They enable the breaking of barriers and give customers the tools to succeed both individually and collectively.


GPU Orchestration to Power Data and AI Workloads

Run:ai helps maximize GPU availability for AI and machine learning (ML). Run:ai’s GPU orchestration platform helps enterprise AI/ML teams unlock GPU utilization and availability for more efficient , cost-effective compute environments. Using a Kubernetes-based smart workload scheduler, Run:ai ensures dynamic allocation of resources and improves MLOps workflows across NVIDIA compute platforms by matching any AI workload with the right amount of compute.




Amazon Web Services (AWS) has the largest and most dynamic community, with millions of active customers and tens of thousands of partners globally. Customers across virtually every industry and of every size, including startups, enterprises, and public sector organizations, are running every imaginable use case on AWS.


AI and High-Performance Computing in the Cloud

AWS provides secure, resilient global cloud infrastructure and services that financial institutions need to differentiate themselves today and adapt to the needs of tomorrow. AWS and NVIDIA provide solutions that help companies in trading, banking, and payments enhance customer experiences, boost fraud detection accuracy, and impact risk management, all in the cloud.


With Microsoft Cloud for financial services, financial institutions and insurers of all sizes can optimize costs, reduce time to value, enhance collaboration, and use data and AI to deliver more impactful business outcomes.

Microsoft Azure

AI-Powered Cloud Solutions for Financial Services

Microsoft Azure for financial services provides a powerful and flexible platform that helps unlock business value and deepen customer relationships. Together, Microsoft and NVIDIA jointly enhance AI solutions for financial institutions in trading, banking, and payments, from customer chatbots in banks to sentiment analysis in capital markets.


Oracle is a leader in the financial services industry, with more than 8,500 customers across 140 countries. With solutions spanning key financial services functions, including save, lend, pay, protect, and invest, companies are moving critical trading, finance, fraud detection, and payment software to Oracle’s cloud.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Enhancing Financial Services With AI-Powered Cloud Computing

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides cloud services for financial institutions through domain-driven architecture, improving performance and cutting costs for diverse applications and workloads. With NVIDIA and OCI, AI-powered cloud computing enhances use cases across trading, banking, and payments, including fraud detection, algorithmic trading, and customer service.


Dell Technologies and NVIDIA offer AI solutions to accelerate your digital transformation through real-time data that improves key decision-making.

Dell Technologies

Bringing Generative AI to Enterprises

Dell Technologies enables AI solutions for security, modernization, and growth across the financial services industry, both on premises and in the hybrid cloud. Together, Dell Technologies and NVIDIA accelerate AI workloads and enable high-performance computing (HPC), delivering engineering-validated hardware and software that meet customer needs across financial services.


HPE and NVIDIA have come together to help businesses unlock the power of AI, delivering an end-to-end enterprise platform optimized for AI workloads on a consumption-based model using HPE GreenLake for NVIDIA AI Enterprise. The platform is deployed on industry-leading HPE servers that are certified by NVIDIA to accelerate the speed at which developers can build AI and high-performance data analytics.


AI-Powered Digital Transformation for Financial Services

HPE and NVIDIA’s joint full-stack, AI-native architecture delivers AI solutions to enable financial institutions to accelerate AI model development. AI-powered solutions will accelerate traders, bankers, and payment companies with use cases that include fraud detection, customer service, document processing, and more.


Deloitte is at the forefront of the pioneering efforts to transform data processing, analytics, and AI. Deloitte uses GPU-enabled technology to generate meaningful insights, co-innovate with their clients, and develop novel solutions that get to the heart of business challenges. Together, Deloitte and NVIDIA can help seize opportunities only enabled through an accelerated AI platform.


Accelerating Financial Services With AI

With Deloitte’s integrated services and solutions across trading, banking, and payments, firms can embrace human-centered capitalism. The alliance with Deloitte and NVIDIA helps financial institutions access market-leading accelerated computing power and create deep learning models that can deliver new capabilities, value, and a competitive advantage. Key AI use cases across financial services include fraud detection in banking and algorithmic trading in capital markets.


With Quantiphi, AI solutions support initial exploration activities all the way through to the end consumer. Optimize exploration, improve safety, make faster decisions, reduce manual effort, and increase operational efficiency throughout the oil and gas value chain. Quantiphi has been named the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) Service Delivery Partner of the Year for the Americas for the second year in a row due to their exemplary contributions to the fields of applied AI and data science.


Fuel Enterprises With Data-Driven AI

Quantiphi uses deep learning, statistical machine learning, and data solutions to accelerate performance for financial services use cases such as fraud detection, document processing, and the customer experience for trading, banking, and payments.


Google Cloud brings together innovations from across Google to help customers digitally transform with AI that’s ready for what’s next, data insights that speed innovation, infrastructure that’s designed to meet industry needs, collaboration tools that help teams do their best work, and security that can proactively stop threats.

Google Cloud

Transforming Cloud Computing for Financial Services

NVIDIA and Google Cloud deliver accelerator-optimized solutions that address your most demanding workloads, including machine learning, high-performance computing, and data analytics workloads.  

More than cost savings and convenience, digital transformation is about empowering teams with insights to drive continuous innovation and scale. That's why organizations across the financial services ecosystem solve their biggest AI challenges in fraud detection, algorithmic trading, and customer service with Google Cloud and NVIDIA.