Accelerated Computing and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

NVIDIA and Oracle are expanding access to accelerated computing in the cloud to support the most demanding workloads so organizations across industries can solve their most complex business challenges.

Speeding Up Enterprise Adoption of AI

Accelerated Cloud Computing for Industries

Financial Services

Financial institutions and firms are using AI to reduce risk, optimize processes, and detect fraudulent activity. With Oracle and NVIDIA AI solutions, institutions can boost risk management, achieve better insights in real time, and enhance customer experiences with generative AI.


Oracle and NVIDIA are powering healthcare solutions with accelerated computing in the cloud to enable breakthroughs in research and advance the future of medicine.


Oracle and NVIDIA are providing AI and high-performance computing (HPC) solutions that enable oil and gas providers to optimize exploration and production, utilities to deliver affordable and reliable power, and data center operators to optimize energy efficiency.

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Media and Entertainment

New technologies are transforming the media and entertainment industry— AI-accelerated production pipelines are delivering higher-quality content faster, data analytics are providing deeper insights, distribution and monetization are optimized, and software-defined infrastructure is enhancing live entertainment.

The NVIDIA AI Platform on OCI

Accelerated GPU Infrastructure

The OCI Compute service provides bare-metal and virtual machine instances powered by NVIDIA GPUs for a variety of use cases, including mainstream graphics and video, as well as the most demanding AI training and HPC workloads.

AI Training as a Service for the Era of Generative AI

NVIDIA DGX™ Cloud, is available on OCI, giving enterprises fast access to integrated best-in-class software, direct access to NVIDIA AI experts, and near-limitless high-performance compute.

NVIDIA AI on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

NVIDIA AI Enterprise accelerates data science and streamlines development and deployment of production-ready generative AI, computer vision, speech AI, and more. NVIDIA AI Enterprise  is certified to run on Oracle Cloud.

Platform for Generative AI

The world’s most advanced platform for generative AI, NVIDIA AI offers innovations at every layer of the stack—including accelerated computing, essential AI software, pretrained models, and AI foundries. Build, customize, and deploy generative AI models for any application anywhere.

Accelerated Data Science With NVIDIA RAPIDS

Data processing is one of the top cloud computing workloads. The NVIDIA RAPIDS™ Accelerator for Apache Spark on OCI Data Flow GPU-accelerates your data science and machine learning workflows with no code changes.

Professional Graphics Anytime, Anywhere

NVIDIA RTX™ Virtual Workstation (vWS) software on Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a dynamic force for visual computing. Access the most demanding applications from anywhere, all while meeting the need for greater security.

The Latest News

NVIDIA AI Enterprise

An End-to-End Software Platform for Production AI

NVIDIA AI Enterprise is enterprise-grade software that powers the NVIDIA AI platform. It accelerates data science and streamlines development and deployment of production-ready generative AI, computer vision, speech AI, and more.

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