NVIDIA at Money20/20 USA

October 22–25, 2023

Join us at Money20/20 USA to see how AI, machine learning, and data science are driving innovation in the financial services industry. Stop by our booth, visit our partners on the show floor, and attend our conference keynotes and sessions.

Explore the State of AI in Fintech at Money20/20

At Money20/20, financial services leaders will share industry insights in speaking sessions, fireside chats, and fintech demos.

AI Summit

Join us on October 22 as we host two hours of sessions in partnership with AWS, featuring speakers from Coinbase, Citi, Swift, and others.

The agenda will include AI fintech demos and speaking sessions, including:

  • Fighting Financial Crime and Anti Money Laundering with AI
  • Scaling Machine Learning Systems to Power Payment Transactions
  • Innovations in Fraud Prevention With AI
  • Future of AI in Payments

AI Pavilion

We’re partnering with Microsoft Azure to premiere AI-focused speaker sessions, presentations, and demos at the AI Pavilion from October 23 to 25.

Catch theater sessions with Databricks and other financial services leaders to hear how they’re using generative AI, data science, enterprise AI, and more.

The AI Pavilion will also feature demo sessions for our fintech partners,  showcasing how they’re using the NVIDIA and Microsoft platform to enhance financial services for customers.


SoftServe will debut Sage, the AI Pathfinder, an intelligent consultant for financial services, at Money20/20. Powered by generative AI using NVIDIA Omniverse™ Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE)— which includes NVIDIA® Riva for speech and translation AI, NeMo™ for generative AI, and Omniverse Audio2Face—Sage engages users in natural, dynamic dialogue to understand risk tolerance, spending habits, investment strategies, and financial goals. Real-time information about demographics and location is collected, allowing for hyperpersonalized advice and guidance.

Attendees can interact with the immersive experience at Money 20/20, booth #13117, starting on October 22.

Explore NVIDIA Fintech Resources

Find out how banks, fintechs, payments providers, and other financial institutions are using NVIDIA AI—including deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP)—to boost risk management, improve data-backed decisions and security, and enhance customer experiences.

Financial institutions, including Capital One, Intuit, and Block, are boosting risk management, improving security, reducing fraud, and enhancing customer experiences with NVIDIA AI.

State of AI in Financial Services: 2023 Trends

NVIDIA's survey of over 500 financial services professionals from banks and fintechs found a growth in AI adoption, a focus on model explainability, a lack of data science talent, and more.

Powering Fraud Detection With AI

Learn how global financial leaders, including American Express, BNY Mellon, and Swedbank, are using AI to prevent fraudulent payments and verify credit card transactions.

Image courtesy of Featurespace.

Fintech Company Blocks Fraud Attacks for Financial Institutions

Learn how NVIDIA Inception member Featurespace uses AI to fight financial crime, including credit card fraud and money laundering.

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