NVIDIA Metropolis

Transform data from billions of IoT devices into insights.

NVIDIA Metropolis brings businesses, cutting-edge technology, and the developer ecosystem together to create, deploy, and scale IoT applications from the edge to the cloud. It’s a powerful new foundation for frictionless retail, streamlined inventory management, traffic engineering in smart cities, optical inspection on factory floors, and more.

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Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics

Improve customer satisfaction, drive business efficiencies, and reduce losses.

Intelligent Traffic Systems

Intelligent Traffic Systems

Use AI-based systems to manage traffic flow and improve incident reporting and preventive maintenance of road infrastructure.

Warehouse and Logistics

Warehouse and Logistics

Monitor and control everything from  what’s on each pallet and how it’s loaded to routing of shipments.



Optimize industrial inspection of complex assemblies, systems ,and their interactions with human workers in the facility or factory floors.

Public Safety

Public Safety

Get real-time alerts for incident prevention and speed up video synopsis for forensic investigations.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Monitor major infrastructure elements like high-voltage lines, water distribution systems, pipelines, and bridges to avoid critical failures.

Access Control

Access Control

Tap into powerful AI-powered technologies like biometrics to  optimize movement of people traffic and reduce wait times.

Public Transit

Public Transit

Measure commuter flow and vehicle traffic to help eliminate congestion and reduce pollution.

Build with NVIDIA Metropolis

Experience greater performance and scalability using NVIDIA DeepStream, Transfer Learning Toolkit, and CUDA-X acceleration libraries.

DeepStream SDK

Get significant improvements in performance and throughput with this robust, AI-powered, real-time video analytics SDK.

Transfer Learning Toolkit

Accelerate deep learning training with computer vision-specific pre-trained models and functions.


Deploy high-performance computer vision inference apps from Jetson Nano™ to NVIDIA T4 servers at the edge.

Deploy NVIDIA Metropolis on NVIDIA EGX for Edge Computing

The NVIDIA EGX platform is powered by Metropolis software hosted on NVIDIA NGC. It combines a range of validated servers and appliances with an end-to-end software stack to deliver the power of AI computing to the edge. This makes it easy to deploy GPU-powered systems remotely and run edge AI applications to make smarter and faster decisions.

Boost Innovation and Performance using NVIDIA GPUs


High-performance, low-power computing at the edge for deep learning and computer vision makes it possible to build software-defined autonomous machines.


Accelerate your most demanding workload at the edge or in a data center with NVIDIA Tesla® GPUs. Process through hundreds of video streams in real-time in traditional servers and speciality edge appliances.

Building Your Product Is Now Easier Than Ever.

Discover how leading software partners are redefining what’s possible with NVIDIA Metropolis.

A Deeper Ecosystem Covering Broader Industries

NVIDIA Jetson Ecosystem

Get to know the companies that are a part of Jetson ecosystem to find the latest products and services for AI software development, hardware and application design services, sensors and peripherals, and more.

NVIDIA T4 Ecosystem

Take advantage of supercharged GPU computing servers and workstations from NVIDIA partners.

NVIDIA Metropolis Software Partners

Build your next modern and ubiquitous edge solution with NVIDIA Metropolis. Choose from 100+ partner software offerings for an integrated custom solution to meet your exact needs.


Announcing Technology Collaboration for Era of Intelligent Edge

By enabling closer integration between Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA’s EGX platform, the companies are working together to advance edge-to-cloud AI computing capabilities, benefitting businesses worldwide.

New NVIDIA EGX Edge Supercomputing Platform Accelerates AI and IoT at the Edge

BMW, NTT East, Procter & Gamble, Samsung Electronics, and Walmart are among the first to deploy the EGX platform to deliver AI to factories, wireless networks, and stores.