Infrastructure for Self-Driving Cars

NVIDIA DRIVE® Infrastructure encompasses the complete data center hardware, software, and workflows needed to develop autonomous driving technology—from raw data collection through validation. It provides the end-to-end building blocks required for neural network development, training and validation, replay, and testing in simulation.

Data Center Training Ground for the AI Driver

DNN Training for AI Driver

Deep Neural Network Training

Building autonomous vehicles requires massive amounts of data. Managing and curating this data takes high-performance compute, as well as intelligent training methods. NVIDIA DRIVE DGX Systems and advanced training tools enable streamlined, large-scale training and optimization of deep neural networks (DNNs). Using the power of GPUs and AI, developers can comprehensively train DNNs for autonomous vehicle perception, planning, driving, and more.

Virtual Test Fleets in the Cloud

DRIVE Constellation simulation platform


It’s impossible for an autonomous vehicle to encounter every possible traffic situation while testing on public roads. In DRIVE Sim, virtual vehicle fleets can drive millions of miles across a broad range of scenarios—from routine driving to rare or even dangerous situations—with greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety than in the real world. The DRIVE Constellation simulation platform comprises two side-by-side servers that generate the sensor output from the virtual car and streams that data into the DRIVE AGX AI car computer running the AV stack to make real-time decisions. Vehicle control commands are then sent back to the simulator. This closed-loop process enables bit-accurate, timing-accurate, hardware-in-the-loop testing.


As autonomous driving software develops and improves, it’s vital that new versions can be tested against previously captured sensor data to avoid regression. With the DRIVE Constellation hardware-in-the-loop platform, developers can replay driving data and compare the performance of the latest self-driving system to past versions. When combined with simulation testing, the DRIVE Constellation platform provides a comprehensive solution to cloud-based validation of autonomous driving technology.

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