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From smart automation in manufacturing to robots in last-mile delivery, robots are becoming more ubiquitous to everyday life. However, industrial and commercial robotics development can be complex, time consuming, immensely challenging, and expensive. Unstructured environments across many use cases and scenarios are also common. The NVIDIA Isaac robotics platform can address these challenges with an end-to-end solution to help decrease costs, simplify development, and accelerate time-to-market.

The End-to-End Isaac Robotics Platform

Accelerate the development process with enhanced robotics development, simulation, and deployment.

NVIDIA Isaac Robotics Platform

GTC 2022: Learn More About the Isaac for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) Platform

Isaac Perception on ROS

NVIDIA is bringing hardware-accelerated GEMS to scale and making AI algorithms available as open source to the ROS Community. NVIDIA announced collaboration with OSRF to enable robotics customers using ROS to get the best performance from their robots.

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Introducing the Isaac AMR Platform

The New Isaac AMR Platform

The Isaac Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) platform extends NVIDIA Isaac capabilities for developers building and deploying robotics applications, bringing mapping, site analytics and fleet and route optimization onto NVIDIA EGX servers. The new platform will help enhance and accelerate AMR applications for the logistics industry in from warehouses to retail. It leverages NVIDIA GPU-accelerated AI technologies including Metropolis, ReOpt, DeepMap, and more on NVIDIA's AI and Omniverse platforms.

Omniverse Replicator for Isaac Sim

Isaac Sim now provides developers with a data cockpit to synthetically generate datasets for machine learning (ML) models from easy-to-understand parameters. Powered by Omniverse Replicator, Isaac Sim generates synthetic data that can be used to train DNNs running on an AMR. This helps developers build and deploy AI-enabled robots that operate safely and avoid common mishaps, such as in factories when robots collide with forklift tines.

NVIDIA Isaac Sim, Omniverse Replicator
NVIDIA Isaac Perception ROS

Isaac Perception on ROS

NVIDIA is bringing hardware-accelerated GEMS to scale and making AI algorithms available as open source to the ROS Community. NVIDIA announced collaboration with OSRF to enable robotics customers using ROS to get the best performance from their robots.

Unleash the Power of an Accelerated Platform For Robotics And AI

Isaac Sim Synthetic Data Generation

Data Generation

Gathering and labeling datasets is time consuming and prohibitively expensive. More diverse training data makes for more accurate AI models. Enhance training with synthetic data using NVIDIA Isaac Sim.

NVIDIA Isaac Sim Omiverse

Simulate and Test

Robots are virtually trained and tested in photorealistic and physically accurate environments using NVIDIA Isaac Sim operating in the NVIDIA Omniverse virtual environment.


Train Your Robot

Choose the optimal NVIDIA platform to train your AI model—from local workstations to AI at scale in the data center and the cloud.

NVIDIA also can help speed up development with the TAO Toolkit that includes production-quality, pre-trained models to use as-is or for fine-tuning with only a fraction of the data needed as training from scratch.

Isaac ROS GEMs

Develop Applications

High-performance robotics applications can be developed using hardware-accelerated SDKs such as Isaac ROS GEMs for ROS-based robots, the Deepstream SDK for streaming video understanding, NVIDIA Riva for natural language processing, and the Isaac SDK for a complete framework.

NVIDIA EGX Fleet Command

Deploy and Manage

Only NVIDIA offers a complete end-to-end workflow to enable seamless deployment. Robotics applications can be ported onto NVIDIA edge devices from NVIDIA Jetson to EGX edge computers to create truly autonomous machines. Scaling services across distributed edge cases are also available on EGX Fleet Command.

NVIDIA AI & Robotics Across Industries

See NVIDIA's Isaac platform deployed at the edge for autonomous mobile robotics, industrial automation, healthcare, retail, agriculture, and more.


As more ROS developers leverage hardware platforms that contain additional compute capabilities designed to offload the host CPU, ROS is evolving to make it easier to efficiently take advantage of these advanced hardware resources,” said Brian Gerkey, CEO of Open Robotics. “Working with an accelerated computing leader like NVIDIA and its vast experience in AI and robotics innovation will bring significant benefits to the entire ROS community.

— Brian Gerkey, CEO and Co-Founder Open Robotics

Success Stories

6 River Systems

6 River Systems

Using NVIDIA solutions, 6 River Systems went from a prototype to fulfilling millions of units per week.



Recycleye’s AI-driven system uses NVIDIA technology to automate, accelerate, and improve the waste-sorting process.



NVIDIA helps Musashi reduce manufacturing inspection costs by 30% while increasing inspection accuracy and speed.

Piaggio Fast Forward

Piaggio Fast Forward

Piaggio Fast Forward is making Gita, an NVIDIA-powered cargo-carrying personal robot.

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