NVIDIA Base Command

Enterprise-class platform for AI training

NVIDIA Base Command is an enterprise-class AI training platform that enables businesses and their data scientists to accelerate AI development. Base Command provides centralized control of your AI training projects and works with a variety of NVIDIA-accelerated infrastructure options, including NVIDIA DGX Foundry.

Experience World-Class AI Training

NVIDIA-Accelerated AI Infrastructure

Accelerated ROI for AI Initiatives

Base Command, in combination with NVIDIA-accelerated AI infrastructure, provides a cloud-hosted solution for AI development so you can avoid the overhead and pitfalls of deploying and running a do-it-yourself platform.

Configures and Manages AI Workloads

Comprehensive AI Workflow Management

Base Command efficiently configures and manages AI workloads, delivers integrated dataset management, and executes them on right-sized resources ranging from a single GPU to large scale, multi-node clusters.

Simplified Collaboration For Data Science Teams

Simplified Collaboration For Data Science Teams

Base Command provides the easiest way for your researchers and scientists to share data, models, results, and AI compute power across the organization.

Analyze and Optimize AI Resources

Integrated Monitoring and Reporting Dashboards

With Base Command, your IT staff and AI practitioners can analyze and optimize AI resources with features like built-in telemetry and your business leaders can access reporting and showback capabilities, so you get the most from your AI infrastructure.

Delivers Continuous Innovations.

The AI Training Platform NVIDIA Uses

Base Command delivers continuous innovations. Because NVIDIA’s own engineers and researchers rely on it every day, NVIDIA provides continuous enhancements to Base Command, so your AI practitioners can experience the same efficiency and reliability as our own.

Choose the Compute Environment That’s Right for You

The full power of Base Command is realized by executing AI training workloads on NVIDIA’s best-in-class, accelerated infrastructure. Choose what fits your IT environment best, from hosted services to on-premises deployments.

NVIDIA LaunchPad

Try out Base Command at no cost on NVIDIA DGX systems in NVIDIA LaunchPad.


Use Base Command with rented DGX systems in NVIDIA DGX Foundry.


Use Base Command with your own on-premises NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™. (coming soon)

See Base Command in Action

With NVIDIA DGX Foundry, get rapid access to a turnkey platform that’s fully optimized for AI workloads. Take a tour and learn how the infrastructure was designed and built.


Build the most complex AI applications with Base Command’s integrated tools, including NVIDIA NeMo Megatron for large-scale natural language processing (NLP).

End-to-End Demo

NVIDIA provides solutions for every phase of an AI project: Base Command for enterprise-class AI training, NVIDIA TAO for training, adapting, and optimizing your models, and NVIDIA Fleet Command™ for managing systems and deploying AI applications at the edge. See how it all works together.


Manage Your AI Workloads with NVIDIA Base Command

Explore some examples of the intuitive graphical user interface.

We like the attractiveness of Base Command’s telemetry, real-time GPU usage monitoring, and quota management. These are important aspects of machine learning operational excellence.

— Abhay Parasnis, Adobe Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer, Document Cloud

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