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Leadership-Class AI Infrastructure

Enterprise use of AI is growing at an exponential rate. Fueled by the need to deliver better customer experiences, streamline operations, improve clinical outcomes, or push the boundaries of research and development, organizations are investing in AI infrastructure to get insights faster. For enterprises that need the fastest path to AI innovation at scale, NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™ Solution for Enterprise is the turnkey hardware, software, and services offering that removes the guesswork from building and deploying AI infrastructure.

The 210 PetaFLOPS PARAM SIDDHI AI equipped with DGX SuperPOD and indigenously developed HPC-AI Engine, HPC-AI Software Frameworks and Cloud Platform by C-DAC, will accelerate experiments for solving India-specific grand challenges using science and engineering

- Dr. Hemant Darbari | Director General | C-DAC

This will allow researchers to perform quantum-accurate molecular simulations of proteins to help find cures to diseases like COVID-19. What would’ve taken more than 6,000 years will now only take a day.

- Adrian Roitberg | Professor of Chemistry | University of Florida

The DGX SuperPOD is helping NAVER CLOVA to build state-of-the-art language models for Korean and Japanese markets and evolve into a strong AI platform player in the global market.

- Suk Geun SG Chung | Head of COLVA CIC | Naver Corp

A Full Lifecycle Solution for Enterprise

NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD Solution for Enterprise incorporates the best practices and know-how gained from the world’s largest AI deployments, designed to solve the most challenging AI opportunities facing organizations. For enterprises that need a trusted and turnkey approach to AI innovation at scale, we’ve taken our industry-leading reference architecture and wrapped it in a comprehensive solution and services offering. NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD Solution for Enterprise delivers a full-service experience that delivers industry-proven results in weeks instead of months to every organization that needs leadership-class infrastructure, with a white-glove implementation that’s intelligently integrated with your business, so your team can deliver results sooner.

NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD Solution for Enterprise Delivers a Full-Service Experience
Rapidly Deploy Supercomputing Solutions

Rapidly Deploy Supercomputing Solutions

DGX SuperPOD Solution for Enterprise is built on the DGX SuperPOD reference architecture—the world’s fastest, commercially available AI infrastructure, as proven in the MLPerf benchmark suite. DGX SuperPOD Solution for Enterprise enables your business to acquire its own world-class AI infrastructure, hand-guided by NVIDIA and deployed in a fraction of the time so your data science teams can be up and running on day one.

Intelligently Adapt and Integrate

Intelligently Adapt and Integrate

Your data science teams need the right tools, platform, and infrastructure to streamline AI workflows and speed time to insights. And your IT teams need the right partner to integrate AI infrastructure within your existing environment. With DGX SuperPOD Solution for Enterprise, our professional services team will  help you adapt our proven infrastructure solution to your environment, including flexible deployment options tailored to your business.

Take Advantage of a Complete Solution Offering

Take Advantage of a Complete Solution Offering

More than a reference architecture, your team needs a faster path to making AI infrastructure operationally useful to your business. With DGX SuperPOD Solution for Enterprise, you’ll benefit from full-service data center planning and infrastructure delivery expertise that speeds your deployment, from sizing, to installation, to training, to ongoing optimization and beyond, all backed by NVIDIA.

NVIDIA Data Center

Tour an NVIDIA Data Center

Take a look inside an NVIDIA data center, built off the same blueprint we provide in our DGX SuperPOD reference architecture. Named “Selene,” this AI supercomputer ranks seventh on the TOP500 supercomputing list and second on the Green500 supercomputing list—all while sweeping MLPerf industry benchmarks for AI at scale.

Leverage Proven AI Leadership

From landing top spots on supercomputing lists, to outperforming all other AI infrastructure options at scale in MLPerf benchmarks, learn why many AI projects at the forefront of innovation are built on NVIDIA DGX systems.

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