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The World’s First Turnkey AI Data Center Solution

NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD is an AI data center infrastructure platform that enables IT to deliver performance—without compromise—for every user and workload. DGX SuperPOD offers leadership-class accelerated infrastructure and agile, scalable performance for the most challenging AI and high performance computing (HPC) workloads, with industry-proven results.

The 210 petaFLOPS Param Siddhi AI [supercomputer] equipped with DGX SuperPOD and indigenously developed HPC-AI engine, HPC-AI software frameworks, and cloud platform by C-DAC will accelerate experiments for solving India-specific grand challenges using science and engineering.

- Dr. Hemant Darbari, Director General, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)

This will allow researchers to perform quantum-accurate molecular simulations of proteins to help find cures to diseases like COVID-19. What would’ve taken more than 6,000 years will now only take a day.

- Adrian Roitberg, Professor of Chemistry, University of Florida

The DGX SuperPOD is helping NAVER CLOVA to build state-of-the-art language models for Korean and Japanese markets and evolve into a strong AI platform player in the global market.

- Suk Geun SG Chung, Head of COLVA CIC, Naver Corporation

A Full Lifecycle Solution for Enterprises

NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD delivers a turnkey AI data center solution for organizations that want to focus on insights instead of infrastructure, with best-of-breed computing, software tools, expertise, and continuous innovation delivered seamlessly. Now, every enterprise can AI-infuse their business, building game-changing applications instead of wrestling with platform complexity.

NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD Solution for Enterprise Delivers a Full-Service Experience
Your DGX SuperPOD, Tested and Proven

Your DGX SuperPOD, Tested and Proven

DGX SuperPOD isn’t just AI infrastructure done the NVIDIA way. Every implementation is validated on a dedicated acceptance cluster at NVIDIA. The customer’s design is replicated beforehand and a suite of performance results is produced—so when DGX SuperPOD is deployed on site, it runs exactly as it was intended.

Software that Always Improves

Software that Always Improves

Our engineers are constantly innovating and improving the software that powers DGX SuperPOD—you will receive updates continuously to ensure your system is always running faster and more efficiently than the day you commissioned it. DGX SuperPOD features NVIDIA Base Command Manager, best-of-breed infrastructure management software–the same software used by NVIDIA to manage thousands of systems–for provisioning and lifecycle management, monitoring, telemetry, logging, alerting, and scheduling.

Dedicated Expertise and Services

Dedicated Expertise and Services

DGX SuperPOD includes dedicated expertise and embedded professional services that span the gamut of install to infrastructure management to scaling workloads to streamlined production AI. We train your IT team on how to manage your SuperPOD so you don’t have to worry about operational skills gaps. And because it’s built on DGX, you get dedicated access to a DGXpert, your direct line to the world’s largest team of AI-fluent practitioners.

Dedicated Expertise and Services

Try Before You Buy

Not ready to purchase your own DGX SuperPOD? Enterprises can rent fully-managed DGX infrastructure based on the DGX SuperPOD architecture on a short term basis. This flexible option is available as part of NVIDIA DGX Foundry, a premium AI development platform.


Tour an NVIDIA Data Center

Take a look inside an NVIDIA data center that houses AI supercomputers ranking fifth on the TOP500 supercomputing list and first on the Green500 supercomputing list – built off the same blueprint we provide in our DGX SuperPOD reference architecture.

Leverage Proven AI Leadership

From landing top spots on supercomputing lists to outperforming all other AI infrastructure options at scale in MLPerf benchmarks, learn why many AI projects at the forefront of innovation are built on NVIDIA DGX systems. 

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