A More Intelligent Experience

Vehicle cockpit innovations are driven by in-cabin situational understanding, intuitive intelligence, personalization for comfort and convenience, and occupant safety. Virtual personal assistants and smart displays in the cockpit require intelligent software. NVIDIA DRIVE IX is an open, scalable cockpit software platform that provides AI functions to enable a full range of in-cabin experiences, including intelligent visualization with augmented reality and virtual reality, conversational AI, and interior sensing.

A Trusted Companion

Driver perception is a key feature of the DRIVE IX software platform that enables the AV system to ensure that a driver is alert and paying attention to the road. It also facilitates AI cockpit functions that are more intuitive and intelligent.

How NVIDIA DRIVE IX AI Algorithms Perform Intuitive In-Cabin Perception

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Stay safe.

AI offers advanced capabilities to keep you out of harm's way. It can track where you're looking to determine objects you might not see—like what's coming up around you, toward you, and in your blind spot. NVIDIA DRIVE IX can also notify you and be configured to take appropriate action.

Stay engaged.

NVIDIA DRIVE IX is always engaged. It uses deep learning networks to track head movement and gaze, and can even have a conversation with you using advanced speech recognition, lip reading, and natural language understanding.

Get customized convenience.

Every experience with NVIDIA DRIVE IX is as unique as the driver. Combining information about what’s happening outside of the car with insights about the driver means you always get the personal attention you need to drive your best.

  • Facial recognition
  • Eye tracking
  • Gesture recognition
  • Head position and gaze tracking
  • Natural language processing
  • Voice speech capabilities
  • Augmented lip reading
  • External environmental awareness

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