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The AI revolution is impacting all areas of government, ministries, and cities globally. At GTC, you’ll learn how AI is reimagining the way we approach cybersecurity, citizen services, smart cities, public health, aerospace, and more. Join us to access the resources to get started in AI and HPC, plus a first-hand look at how NVIDIA is implementing national AI strategies.

Featured Speakers

Adam Rashid

Next Chapter in Urban AI Innovation

Adam Rashid 
Senior Vice President, Smart Cities Practice, JBG Smith

Sertac Karaman

Global Climate Action

Sertac Karaman
Director of MIT, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems

Philipe Ambrozio Dias
Mahantesh Halappanavar

Graph Analytics in the Accelerator-Enabled Exascale Era

Mahantesh Halappanavar
Chief Scientist and Group Leader, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Sessions By Topic


  • Morpheus: AI Inferencing for Cybersecurity Pipelines

    • Bartley Richardson, Senior Data Scientist, NVIDIA

    NVIDIA Morpheus is a streamlined approach to data ingestion and AI inferencing for large amounts of network telemetry. Get a deep dive into the Morpheus framework, two of the prebuilt use-cases (sensitive information detection and anomalous behavior profiling), and what Morpheus means for the future of the data center and cloud.

  • The GPU-Accelerated Security Operation Center

    • Leo Meyerovich, CEO, Graphistry

    In this session, you’ll learn about Graphisty’s experiences in upgrading three areas of existing enterprise and federal stacks. These include correlation and classification with GPU graph neural networks, incident mapping with visual GPU graph analytics, and automation and interactive event analysis with bigger-than-memory GPU pipelines.

  • Cybersecurity in the AI Era

    • Nir Zuk, Founder and CTO, Palo Alto Networks

    Learn how cybersecurity organizations can benefit from AI, and how this can help the entire cybersecurity industry (vendors as well as end-users) gain from this technology.

Global Government Affairs

  • Keeping up with Global AI Trust Regulations

    • José Luis Flórez, AI Director, Minsait 
    • Bea Longworth, Government Relations, NVIDIA
    • Simon Chesterman, Dean and Provost’s Chair Professor, and Senior Director of AI, Governance National 
    • Yi-Ling Teo, Senior Fellow, Centre of Excellence for National Security 
    • S Rajaratnam, School of International Studies 
    • Michael Petricone, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Consumer Electronics Association

    Panelists from different geographic areas will discuss current and proposed legislation regarding AI and the impact new laws and regulations might have on AI development.

  • Turning AI Principles into Action

    • Beena Ammanath, Executive Director, Deloitte AI Institute
    • Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of AI and ML, World Economic Forum 
    • Tomer Simon, Chief Scientist, Microsoft Israel R&D Center 
    • Adam Henryk Grzywaczewski, Senior Deep Learning Data Scientist, NVIDIA

    It's one thing for companies to adopt trustworthy AI principles. Turning those principles into actionable items for development teams is challenging. Our panel of experts discuss how to overcome those challenges and deliver on the promises of trustworthy AI.

  • Developing Trustworthy AI Principles

    • Will Griffin, Chief Ethics Officer, Hypergiant 
    • Anne Christiansen, Manager for AI Governance, Daimler AG 
    • Cathy Cobey, Global Trusted AI Consulting Leader, E&Y 
    • Nikki Pope, Sr. Director, AI & Legal Ethics, NVIDIA 
    • Ricardo Chavarriaga, Head Swiss Office Confederation of Laboratories for AI Research in Europe (CLAIRE)

    These panelists share what they discovered when developing their organization’s trustworthy AI principles. Their insights may help you find the right principles for your organization.

  • Measuring and Mitigating Bias in AI Models

    • Nicol Turner-Lee, Director of CTI, Brookings Institute 
    • Anima Anandkumar, Director of ML Research, NVIDIA 
    • Miriam Vogel, President and CEO, EqualAI

    Bias creeps into algorithms in many ways—choices developers make, data containing historical inequities, biases of humans interacting with training data, and even humans interacting with output data. Find out how we know when an algorithm is biased, and what can we do to minimize the impact of that bias on people and society.

Computer Vision

  • Building Safer Public Transportation with AI-Based Video Analytics

    • Johan Barthelemy, Lecturer, University of Wollongong

    The largest transportation network in Australia, Transport for New South Wales, is building an AI-enabled public safety system in collaboration with University of Wollongong (UOW). The Digital Living Lab of UOW is developing AI-capable solutions to automate the identification of public safety issues, providing a safer and conducive environment. 

  • 3D Perception for Semantic Scene Understanding

    • Angela Dai, Professor, Technical University of Munich

    In this session, you’ll learn about a proposition to use geometric structural priors for 3D object perception from 2D images. We'll demonstrate that learned implicit 3D priors (e.g., view-invariance) can be used to benefit 2D semantic scene understanding tasks.

  • Perceive, Reason, Act: Closing the AI Loop

    • Gal Chechik, Director of AI, NVIDIA

    Learn about approaches to model the high-level structure of a visual scene; using compositional structures in attribute space to learn from descriptions without any visual samples; and teaching agents new concepts without labels, by using elimination to reason about their environment.  

  • Intelligent Video Analytics: The Brains of Business

    • Wei Xiao, Global Emerging Technologies Lead, NVIDIA

    Join this panel of Inception startups in the Latin America region to discuss how intelligent video analytics will accelerate business transformation and why forward-looking organizations that adopt the technology will be uniquely positioned to reap its limitless benefits.

Sessions From Around the World

  • Democratizing AI in Emerging Markets through the United AI Alliance

    • Dr. Claire Melamed, CEO, Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data
    • Bob Venero, CEO, Future Tech Enterprise, Inc.            
    • Professor Samuel Kobina Annim, Head of Ghana Statistical Service
    • Kate Kallot, Head of Emerging Areas, NVIDIA

    See how the United Nations and Future Tech Enterprises are partnering to provide NVIDIA's platform to National Statistical Offices (NSO) throughout Africa. NVIDIA's EGX Servers, Deep Learning Institute, and Solution Architects are equipping and training NSO Data Teams, enabling them to transform and accelerate their workflows. 

    Country/Location: USA, UK, Ghana

  • AI Propels the Growth of Emerging Technologies

    • Wei Xiao, Global Emerging Technologies Lead, NVIDIA
    • Björn  Stoffers, Co-founder, OroraTech
    • Ciira Maina, Senior Lecturer, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
    • Tali Treibitz, CTO and Co-founder, SeaErra

    Join our panel discussion to learn how NVIDIA AI propelled emerging technologies to revolutionize traditional industries, and how the convergence of emerging technologies and emerging markets achieves a new level of human ability and societal outcomes. 

    Country/Location: United States of America // Germany // Kenya // Israel

  • Achieving Safety and Efficiency for Industrial Sites with AI

    • Dan Kearns, CTO, Falkonry
    • Pierre Baque, Managing Director, Neural Concept
    • Kamil Szewc, Senior Researcher, Engineering Software Steyr
    • Lior Moyal, CEO, Kitov.ai

    Product defects, equipment failures, and safety violations can cost a modern producer great financial losses and become a health threat for the employees. Join some remarkable startups to learn how AI helps to mitigate these risks, as well as some specifics of applying AI solutions in manufacturing.

    Country/Location: Russian Federation // United States of America // Switzerland // Austria // Israel

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