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Deep learning, a collection of statistical machine learning techniques, is transforming every digital business. As data grows, businesses need to find new ways of capitalizing on the volume of information to drive thier competitive advantage. SAP Machine learning solutions—trained using NVIDIA GPU deep learning techniques and frameworks—allows companies across all industries to do what couldn’t be done before.

NVIDIA and SAP partner to create a new wave of AI Business Applications

Combining the advantages of NVIDIA’s AI computing platform with SAP’s leadership in enterprise software, this is a list of GPU accelerated ML solutions for the enterprise. Read Blog >

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Portfolio is First Enterprise Offering to Use NVIDIA’s Volta AI Platform

The new NVIDIA DGX-1 systems with Volta offer SAP a powerful engine for AI development and best-in-breed processing capabilities, making it ideal as the primary hardware platform for the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation. Read Blog >

SAP Machine Learning Applications, Powered by NVIDIA GPUs

Featuring four GPU-accelerated Machine Learning applications in detail. Read Solution Brief >

Learn more about SAP Brand Impact and its machine learning capabilities

SAP Brand Impact solution help advertisers and content buyers measure sponsorship budget effectively, transparently, and in near real-time. Read Now >

Solution Brief


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  • SAP and NVIDIA Bring AI to the Enterprise. Watch >


  • SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Portfolio is First Enterprise Offering to Use NVIDIA’s Volta AI Platform. Read >
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  • NVIDIA and SAP Partner to Create a New Wave of AI Business Applications. Read >
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  • E-book | Learn more about NVIDIA GPU-accelerated SAP ML solutions.
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  • Infographic | Learn more about how SAP uses NVIDIA GPUs to build their machine learning applications.
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