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Spear Phishing Detection

Use generative AI to train a model that can detect spear phishing emails quickly and accurately.

What Is the Spear Phishing Detection AI Workflow?

Spear phishing is one of the largest and most costly cyber threats to organizations. Customized for individuals and usually very convincing, spear phishing emails are difficult to defend against due to a lack of training data. Using NVIDIA Morpheus and a natural language processing (NLP) model trained with synthetic emails generated by NVIDIA NeMo, spear phishing emails can be identified much faster.

Explore the Spear Phishing Detection AI Workflow

The spear phishing AI workflow reduces the time to develop a phishing detection solution. This workflow leverages NVIDIA Morpheus, as well as a series of pretrained models using generative AI.

This workflow contains:

  • NLP pretrained models to analyze and classify emails to identify spear phishing attempts
  • A reference for solution deployment in production, including components like workflow logging and monitoring
  • An inference pipeline for spear phishing detection
  • A cloud-native deployable bundle packaged as a single Helm chart

The spear phishing AI workflow provides a reference for getting started in building this solution and includes cloud-native Kubernetes services packaged together into a deployable solution.

Detect Spear Phishing Emails Faster With NVIDIA Morpheus

Find out how we used generative AI and Morpheus to improve detection of spear phishing emails to 90%—an improvement of more than 20%—with less than 24 hours of training.

Get Started With Your Cybersecurity AI Journey on NVIDIA LaunchPad

If you’re ready to evaluate how cybersecurity AI can be applied to your enterprise, apply for access to the spear phishing detection workflow curated lab. Access a step-by-step guided lab for cybersecurity AI with ready-to-use software, sample data, and applications.

Dramatically Improve Spear Phishing Defense

Higher Accuracy

Improve accuracy of spear phishing detection by as much as 21% over existing methods.

Faster Time to Detection

Generate new models, to measure email intent, at scale and achieve more accurate results with as few as 24 hours of training.

Email Profiling

Add another layer of protection with profiles of user interactions. Leverage models across other Morpheus AI workflows, including digital fingerprinting.

Accelerate the Development of AI Solutions

AI workflows accelerate the path to AI outcomes. The spear phishing detection AI workflow provides a reference for developers to get started building cybersecurity AI solutions.

Reduce Development Time

Best-in-class AI software streamlines development and deployment of AI solutions.

Improve Accuracy And Performance

Frameworks and containers are performance-tuned and tested for NVIDIA GPUs.

Gain Confidence in AI Outcomes

Move from pilot to production with the assurance of security, API stability and support with NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

Get Started With AI-Based Spear Phishing Detection

The spear phishing detection AI workflow is available with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software.

Try It on NVIDIA LaunchPad

Have an upcoming cybersecurity AI project? Apply to get hands-on experience using the NVIDIA AI workflow to build a faster, more accurate spear phishing detection solution.

Download It Now

Developers can access the spear phishing AI workflow for free through the NGC™ catalog.

Deploy in Production

Transition a spear phishing AI workflow from pilot to production with confidence with the security, support, and stability provided by NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

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