Wistron Advances its AI inspection system with NVIDIA Solutions

By Robert Hwang, Vice Chairman/President at Wistron Crop

Wistron AI Inspection system

Business around the world are recognizing AI as the key for huge economic potential. Among all, there is no doubt that manufacturing industry benefits the most from the AI application with up to 18% estimated annual revenue growth in return.

Taiwan-based IT giant Wistron Corporation provides cutting-edge product design and manufacturing for both consumer and enterprise electronics covering massive markets around the world. In 2015, Wistron began its digital transformation program to incorporate with AI to drive big leaps forward in efficiency, quality and productivity.

Stating with smart manufacturing, Wistron deployed an AI system into its 400 image processing machines to further make operation optimization on the site based on the analysis results.

Wistron has also adopted AI in production inspection tasks for component and label placements. In particular, the company utilized the world’s first 2 petaflops system, NVIDIA DGX-2, for data training, leveraging on the exceptional power driven by the latest Volta-based Tesla V100 GPUs. Subsequently, the AI capability was brought to the edge through NVIDIA EGX platform along with Jetson TX2 to provide instantaneous data analysis for real-time responses in operation.

As a result, the AI-powered visual modeling is able to deliver 93% inspection efficiency compared to traditional method conducted by human labors.  

“AI is essential acting like air for human livings. With AI, we are able to think holistically and make decision more precisely.” said Robert Hwang, Vice Chairman/President at Wistron Crop. “We are now working closely with companies like NVIDIA to bring AI down to our subsidiaries and further help our clients across all industries to embrace and benefit from the application of AI.”