NVIDIA AI Conference is the must-attend event of the year in Singapore for data scientists and senior decision makers. The 2-day event will feature sessions and training on AI, deep learning and its applications in Smart Cities, Industry and Research and Development.

Connect AI


Connect with technology experts from NVIDIA and other leading organizations.

Learn AI


Gain insight and hands-on training through the labs, talks and research posters.

Discover AI


See how GPU technologies are creating amazing breakthroughs in important fields such as deep learning.

Innovative AI


Hear about disruptive innovations as early-stage companies and startups present their work.


NVIDIA AI Conference is a 2-day event designed to expose the innovative ways developers, businesses and academics are using AI and deep learning to transform our world.

For CEOs, CTOs and CIOs - icon

For CEOs, CTOs, CIOs

Take a first look at the technology that will drive your organisation’s future. At NVIDIA AI Conference you’ll discover the opportunities that machine and deep learning will bring to your business, as well as networking with fellow business leaders.

For IT manager and Data Centre manager - icon

For IT Managers, Data Centre Managers

Be empowered with ideas, inspiration and real solutions to your most challenging IT problems. NVIDIA AI Conference is a unique opportunity to learn how organisations like yours have embraced GPUs and how their results can influence your success.

For Data Scientist and Developer - icon

For Data Scientists, Developers

Tap into a community of like-minded experts who are transforming their applications with GPUs. Choose from a range of sessions and network with industry and academia to share cross-disciplinary insights that will transform your applications.

For Academics - icon

For Academics

NVIDIA AI Conference is your forum to share your successes and learn from others who are harnessing deep learning to break scientific boundaries across a wide range of research fields.