Accelerated Computing in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA are empowering enterprises to achieve new levels of innovation. With NVIDIA’s full-stack accelerated computing platform combined with Microsoft’s global-scale, simplified infrastructure management from cloud to edge, enterprises can transform their businesses.

Explore NVIDIA in Azure Success Stories

Learn how a wide range of companies are creating value with NVIDIA on Azure.

Simulating a Greener Future

Recycling innovator Encina uses computational simulations to build real-world sustainability solutions using NVIDIA and Azure HPC.

Creating a Seamless Shopping Experience

Everseen’s proprietary visual AI solution utilizing NVIDIA on Azure corrects business processes in real time that benefits retailers' bottom line.

Delivering Better Pricing for Customers

Riskfuel, a startup specializing in accelerated valuation models powered by NVIDIA on Azure is transforming the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives market by providing on-demand access to fast valuation and risk sensitivity calculations.

Modernizing Into a Smart Factory

BMW transformed its electric vehicle production system by leveraging NVIDIA GPUs and Azure Machine Learning to power its fully automated control processes.

Explore Ways to Get More out of NVIDIA on Azure

NVIDIA and Microsoft to Bring the Industrial Metaverse and AI to Hundreds of Millions of Enterprise Users

Microsoft Azure will host NVIDIA DGX™ Cloud for AI supercomputing and NVIDIA Omniverse™ Cloud for building and operating metaverse applications.

Accelerate Production AI With NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Microsoft Azure

Learn how to deploy the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite on Azure to build data science pipelines and AI applications.

Connecting NVIDIA Omniverse to Microsoft Teams

Running on Omniverse Cloud in Microsoft Azure, this Accenture demo showcases how real-time 3D collaboration can shorten the time between decision-making, action and feedback.

Fast-Track Industrial Digitalization With Omniverse Cloud on Azure

Break data silos, find new trust in digital prototyping and simulation, and easily scale across enterprise teams to increase efficiency with Omniverse Cloud on Azure.

NVIDIA Software and Services on Azure

From AI and the metaverse to professional design and engineering applications, NVIDIA software and services are optimized for Azure for simple and reliable enterprise adoption.

Educating Government Leaders on AI Applications

Omniverse Cloud

NVIDIA Omniverse™ Cloud is a platform-as-a-service providing developers and enterprises a full-stack cloud environment to design, develop, deploy, and manage industrial metaverse applications.

Educating Government Leaders on AI Applications

Enterprise-Ready AI

Build accelerated production AI with NVIDIA AI Enterprise, the software platform of NVIDIA AI, with certified GPU-optimized instances on Azure. In minutes get access to frameworks and models to build AI workflows, including intelligent virtual assistants, recommendation engines, route optimization solutions, vision AI, and more. 

Educating Government Leaders on AI Applications

Accelerated Virtual Workstations

With NVIDIA RTX™ Virtual Workstations, available on Azure Marketplace, creative and technical professionals can maximize their productivity from anywhere by accessing the most demanding professional design and engineering applications from the cloud. 

NVIDIA GPU-Accelerated Virtual Machines on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA empower enterprises in the cloud to harness the combined power of NVIDIA accelerated computing and NVIDIA networking on demand to meet the diverse computational requirements of AI, machine learning, data analytics, graphics, virtual desktop, and high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

ND A100 v4 VM

Powered by eight NVIDIA A100 40GB Tensor Core GPUs and a dedicated NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand 200 Gb/s connection per VM for scale-out, multi-node, multi-GPU distributed computing

NDm A100 v4 VM

Powered by eight NVIDIA A100 80GB Tensor Core GPUs and NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand 200 Gb/s connection per VM for scale-out, multi-node, multi-GPU distributed computing

NC A100 v4 VM

Flexibility to select one, two, or four NVIDIA A100 80GB Tensor Core GPUs per VM to leverage the right-size GPU acceleration for your workload

NV A10 v5 VM

Flexibility to provision partial GPU partitions to two full NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core GPUs per VM. Powered by Microsoft Azure GPU-partitioning capabilities built on top of NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation technology

NVIDIA AI Integrations in Azure Services

Leverage the power of NVIDIA AI software and GPU-powered VMs to accelerate application performance within a broad range of Azure services, such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure Synapse Analytics, or Azure Kubernetes Service. Additionally, with support for NVIDIA platforms across Azure hybrid cloud and edge solutions, you can extend the power of the cloud to meet the real-time, low-latency constraints of AI applications anywhere.

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