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Activate Your NVIDIA AI Enterprise License for H100

Develop and deploy enterprise AI with unmatched performance, security, and scalability.

Get Ready for Production AI.

Best-in-class AI software for your NVIDIA H100 GPU on mainstream servers. The NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite—the operating system of the NVIDIA AI platform— is essential for production-ready applications built with NVIDIA’s extensive library of frameworks such as speech AI, recommenders, customer service chatbots, cybersecurity and more. 

NVIDIA H100 PCIe GPUs include NVIDIA AI Enterprise software and support.

Explore the benefits of enterprise-ready AI software.

Innovate faster with software optimized for AI.

Innovate faster with software optimized for AI.

A five- year subscription of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, a cloud-native software suite for the development and deployment of AI, is included with NVIDIA H100.

Support when you need it from  the AI experts.

Support when you need it from the AI experts.

NVIDIA Enterprise Support, which includes access to NVIDIA AI experts, priority notifications of the latest security fixes, and maintenance releases.

How to Activate Your Subscription



Register your NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU serial numbers on NGC™.


Software Activation

Activate your NVIDIA AI Enterprise subscription.


Download Software

Download the software from your NGC account.


Access Support

Set up your NVIDIA enterprise account to access Enterprise Support.

To start your subscription activation, refer to the activation instructions and access the NGC link below.



Activation opens soon.

Customers will need to register their NVIDIA H100 GPU to receive access to their NVIDIA AI Enterprise subscription.

To be notified when activation is available, please fill out the form.

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