Certis Aims to Transform Security Industry with AI

Certis Aims to Transform Security Industry with AI

Jewel Changi Airport has become one of the most photographed places in Singapore since its opening in April.

In its first six months, this architectural icon had already hosted over 50 million of footfall traffic.  Jewel draws in tourists and residents alike with a mix of attractions, gardens, restaurants and shops – plus a hotel and cinemas.

To date, Jewel has seen an average of 300,000 in daily footfall traffic. Running Jewel’s operations is a mammoth task. Certis is a company that has responsibility for the mall’s security, facilities management and customer service.

The advanced integrated security services provider uses NVIDIA AI and intelligent video analytics (IVA) technology to help monitor operations around the clock and ensure that everything runs as expected.

It’s part of the 34,000-employee company’s drive to transform itself from a physical guard services provider to a technology-enabled organisation.

Mechanics of AIII

In July, Certis opened its Centre for Applied Intelligence, the first of its kind in the security industry. The centre serves as a research hub and harnesses deep learning research capabilities globally to develop AI-enabled solutions that can be operationalised to benefit businesses and society.

Certis Centre for Applied Intelligence

Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr. Chan Chun Sing unveiled Certis Centre for Applied Intelligence (CCAI) at the launch event in July 2019

“As part of our strategic efforts to boost our expertise in AI, we have attracted the best minds and talent from leading universities and the industry and will work with them closely to develop advanced AI-enabled security applications and solutions that are practical in our operations,” said Paul Chong, president and group chief executive officer of Certis.

The 800-square-metre Certis Centre for Applied Intelligence is equipped with software and hardware capabilities for machine learning and deep learning in AI, robotics and data analytics.

New and advanced solutions are being developed in the areas of security and identity management that could be extended to non-security applications such as patient, commuter and consumer journey analytics.

First with NVIDIA EGX

Certis is the first organization in the region to work with NVIDIA on operationalizing AI in the areas of multi-disciplinary security and integrated services using the NVIDIA EGX platform.

NVIDIA EGX allows enterprises to securely deploy and manage AI workloads at the edge or in the data centre. The cloud-native, edge-first and scalable software platform for AI delivers robust and hardened security for enterprise workloads. The edge is where things that need real-time answers and decisions are happening, such as factories, hospitals and stores.

Starting with the NVIDIA Metropolis application framework, which runs on NVIDIA EGX for intelligent video analytics, Certis’ developers and data scientists are working on adopting and deploying the platform in public safety, intelligent traffic systems and retail analytics.

Providing the needed processing power are NVIDIA GPUs, which are enabled to run NVIDIA EGX and scalable to enable AI training speed to increase exponentially.

Certis is also collaborating with NVIDIA partner ASUS to develop comprehensive AI security solutions, including AI development infrastructure and cloud-computing services, as it seeks to transform itself and the security industry.

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