Black Myth: Wukong - Watch The Incredible New Trailer, Captured On GeForce RTX In Unreal Engine 5 With NVIDIA DLSS

By Andrew Burnes on August 19, 2021 | Featured Stories GeForce RTX GPUs NVIDIA DLSS

Last year, Game Science unveiled Black Myth: Wukong, an Unreal Engine 4-powered, ARPG based around the well-known Monkey King mythology, and the 16th Century Journey To The West novel. Featuring excellent visuals and exciting action, the debut trailer and gameplay video racked up tens of millions of views.

Now, Game Science has announced that they’re taking visual fidelity one step further by upgrading to Unreal Engine 5, and adding NVIDIA DLSS for enhanced performance and image quality.

In the new 12-minute trailer, debuted below, you’ll get the first ever look at an Unreal Engine 5 game enhanced with NVIDIA DLSS. As you watch, you’ll travel through the world of Black Myth: Wukong, getting a taste of the action-RPG’s gameplay, story, beautiful visuals, and cutscenes. Experience the combat against bosses, be dazzled by visual effects, and discover the intriguing characters of Journey To The West.


Black Myth: Wukong is one of our most anticipated games, and our game developer support organization is working diligently with Game Science throughout its development to ensure GeForce RTX users receive the definitive experience. For more on Black Myth: Wukong and the many other games enhanced with GeForce RTX technologies, stay tuned to