DEATH STRANDING GeForce RTX Bundle Available Now

KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS’ DEATH STRANDING launches on PC July 14th! Enhanced with performance-accelerating NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 technology and a raft of other PC features, the critically acclaimed, immersive, engrossing game is also an amazing visual showcase that you have to experience at high detail levels and framerates.


The addition of DLSS 2.0 comes courtesy of a partnership between NVIDIA, 505 Games, and KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS, ensuring GeForce RTX gamers receive the very best DEATH STRANDING experience. Furthermore, there’s a suite of other enhancements and features, outlined here, along with Game Ready Driver and GeForce Experience support, giving you an optimized day-1 experience, the ability to instantly configure the game’s settings with a single click, and the capability to record and stream your gameplay. In fact, you can download the new DEATH STRANDING Game Ready Driver today. Simply click here.

To celebrate this game-changing partnership, we’re giving buyers of new GeForce RTX GPUs, desktops and laptops a copy of DEATH STRANDING, playable at release on July 14th with DLSS ON!


The DEATH STRANDING Embark On Your Journey GeForce RTX bundle will be available from now until July 29th, 2020. For a list of participating retailers and etailers, and links to participating products and partners, head on over to our Embark On Your Journey bundle homepage.

For further details about the PC edition of DEATH STRANDING head here, and for more about DEATH STRANDING’s DLSS 2.0 performance, stay tuned to