F1 2021 Out Now On PC With NVIDIA DLSS and Ray Tracing

Codemasters have brought Formula 1 fans realistic, high-fidelity racing games for over a decade, and this year’s entry starts from pole position when it launches later today, building upon the multitude of enhancements and additions introduced by the critically acclaimed F1 2020. Furthermore, players can experience ‘Braking Point’, a new story-based campaign, play two-player careers, and can jump into the campaign with ‘Real Season Start’, trying to achieve greater success with their points and standing.

For PC players, F1 2021 further leverages the power of the latest hardware to deliver even greater realism, higher levels of visual fidelity, and more accurate simulations in expert driving modes for those with wheels, pedals, and the whole kit and kaboodle. Plus, if you have a GeForce RTX graphics card you can enable NVIDIA DLSS for maximum performance, and ray tracing to enhance reflections and shadows.


Following the introduction of NVIDIA DLSS to F1 2020, we’ve worked with Codemasters to bring the latest version of our AI and Tensor Core-powered tech to F1 2021, where it can boost performance by up to 65%, enabling every GeForce RTX GPU owner to play at 60 FPS+ at 2560x1440, and owners of the GeForce RTX 3070 and up to play at over 60 FPS at 4K with max settings and ray tracing:

From Bahrain to Belgium, F1® 2021 players can maximize performance without compromising image quality, for the fastest and most fluid experience possible, as it should be when you’re racing at up to 340 km/h. See for yourself in our new NVIDIA DLSS ON-OFF video:


Ray Tracing Reflections & Shadows

F1® teams devote as much attention to the aero-affecting chassis of their cars as they do their innards, and launch each new car with spectacular fanfare and glossy photos that make F1® fans weak at the knees. When replicating them for their games, Codemasters devotes more and more polygons each year, and applies ever-better rendering effects in an effort to perfectly replicate their polished appearance.

For Codemasters, the application of reflections and shadows have been particularly important, with significant resources invested in higher-quality effect presets, and custom-made techniques. Now, they’ve taken the next logical step and upgraded to ray tracing, adding real-time reflections and shadows.

With ray tracing, all surrounding detail is accurately reflected on each car, and on windows, water surfaces and other metallic game elements, which previously lacked reflections, or featured simple cube maps. Now, all reflect the world around them, improving fidelity and realism. And with ray-traced shadows, existing shadows are enhanced with more accurate detail that naturally softens and sharpens, and many more smaller game elements now cast shadows, further enhancing the realism and quality of circuits, cars, and other game elements.

To use both ray-traced settings, download and install our latest Game Ready Driver, and then activate the options in the in-game graphics menu.

As Always, There’s More to Come

F1 2021 is the latest game to be enhanced with NVIDIA DLSS! And in just a few days’ time we’ll be announcing the upcoming launch of even more games that’ll be enhanced with our award-winning, performance-accelerating NVIDIA DLSS technology. For all the info, stay locked to GeForce.com. To experience F1  2021 with RTX On, head here to purchase the game.