Minecraft with RTX - Top 15 RTX Builds

Minecraft with RTX brings stunning path-traced ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS to the world’s most popular game. Since its launch in December, we’ve been blown away by the sheer multitude of stunning creations developed within the Minecraft community. Today we turn the spotlight on those forging their own path, block by block, with RTX ON.

Top 15 User-Generated Worlds

Minas Tirith created by Minecraft Middle-Earth, enhanced by RTX for Minecraft on Windows 10.


Featured below are worlds and creations made by the Minecraft community and shared on discord, reddit, twitter and Minecraft forums.


This insane RTX build features a massive dragon laying waste to a fantastical city.
Created by: P_fabel / Frenchfry / Kieet / Evan_raster / ZERO / D_diatree


Take in the magic of Saram1109’s elaborate city under twilight lighting.


This next world is an incredible combination of ancient architecture with a sci-fi twist!
Jeong Hankun, Crabcod


Who says Minecraft is only about structures? Kelly The Dragon! is a true MC artist. That use of stained glass is ray tracing magic.
Kelly The Dragon!


Check out the following jaw dropping renditions of colossal structures throughout time. @SirMinecrafting doesn't disappoint, especially in this incredible castle build! Notice the way the light is affected as it glows through the windows of the interior builds.


The future looks bright with @Typar69‘s ultra modern architecture.


CubeIR curates examples of their stunning enchanting builds and textures.



The shadows in EndTuber S’s dark and fiery builds must be seen with RTX ON.
EndTuber S


MADLAD’s dreamhouse build is the pinnacle of Minecraft interior design-- the shadowing makes the build incredibly immersive.



Check out Portal_Jumper_79’s dancefloor of the future for some spectacular examples of reflections with raytracing.



Dive deep into u/keithhillp‘s Survival Underwater Base with RTX for lifelike raytracing.



The fine detail to @mikurambo’s medieval wonderland reflecting off its moat is a prime example of what RTX ON offers to Minecrafters.


Wander the mysteriously captivating corridors of Jason Gardner’s texture compilation
Jason Gardner


Jason Gardner returns with this fantastic “Spruced Up” Village Demo
Jason Gardner



Immerse yourself in the southwestern glow of u/dessie84‘s texture build



Who doesn’t love a giant penguin? Enjoy the incredibly fun and fantastical world of @Starky_YT


Finally, as a bonus, we’ve added in the incredible Arasaka Building recreated lovingly by



Have some great RTX builds you want to share? Submit your ray-traced Minecraft content to Planet Minecraft for a chance to win a GeForce 30 Series graphics card. The event ends on February 15th!

Create Your Own Textures

For those who want to create new textures in Minecraft with RTX, check out our Texturing Guide for a detailed walkthrough of how to make your builds more unique. Customize your blocks any way you like and build the next great Minecraft masterpiece. We are always on the lookout for the freshest Minecraft with RTX builds and worlds-- so don’t forget to share your creations with #RTXON!

Experience your Minecraft build at its best with RTX ON.