Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Customer Experience

AI-powered NLP helps close the digital divide and improve the customer experience for small businesses, senior citizens, and the unbanked.

How to Use NLP in Financial Services

In 2021, artificial intelligence (AI) augmentation was projected to create $2.9 trillion in business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity—globally—according to Gartner. Yet, in consumer banking, 58 percent of digital journeys are still broken and require physical or offline efforts to complete. The sharp escalation in demand for customer service presents financial services organizations with the unprecedented opportunity to use AI-powered NLP to build operational resilience, and consistently deliver the personalized and frictionless experiences customers expect across channels.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Improve Customer Loyalty

Provide personalized, high-touch, automated services and recommendations to existing customers.

New Advertising Techniques

Increase New Client Acquisition

Leverage new advertising techniques to guide new customers down the market funnel.

24/7 AI Chatbots Available

Protect Customers 24/7

Use AI chatbots and virtual assistants to block transactions and issue alerts at any time.

Robotic Process Automation

Benefit from Robotic Process Automation

Enable computers to read documents and detect potential fraud with document processing that utilizes optical character recognition (OCR).

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