Accelerating Innovation in Applied Research

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Advancing Applied Academic Research

The NVIDIA Applied Research Accelerator Program supports research projects that have the potential to make a real-world impact through the deployment of NVIDIA-accelerated applications adopted by commercial and government organizations. This program accelerates development and adoption by providing access to technical guidance, hardware, and funding based on project requirements, maturity, and impact.

Program Benefits

Get access to NVIDIA’s hardware and software solutions

Accelerate Anywhere

  • Get access to NVIDIA hardware and software solutions for your project.
  • Qualify for grants to accelerate your applied research.
Take hands-on training through NVIDIA DLI

NVIDIA Technical Expertise

Grant Application Support

Grant Application Support

  • Receive letters of support for grant applications related to your applied research project.
Present at GTC & network through global channels

Networking Opportunities

  • Have the opportunity to present at GTC and network through NVIDIA’s global channels.
  • Receive consideration for NVIDIA marketing support.

Program Requirements

To qualify for the Applied Research Accelerator Program, applicants must be able to satisfy all of the requirements listed below.

1. Applicant

  • The principal investigator is a professor or researcher at an academic institution.

2. Research

  • The basic research for the project must be completed and the project’s feasibility demonstrated.

3. Project

  • The project leads to the development of a new application or the improvement of an existing application using GPU or DPU acceleration.
  • The project’s problem statement and use case must be clearly defined.

4. Deployment

  • The results of the project’s research can be deployed within three years.
  • The project is eligible for additional hardware and/or funding if an adopting organization is investing resources.

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Program Spotlights

Seismic Damage Assessment in Real-time

Seismic Damage Assessment in Real-time

Researchers at Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, and University of Michigan are working together with Bentley Systems to develop and implement hybrid digital twins of Los Angeles buildings. By accurately monitoring structural response and health in near-real-time, the digital twins help facility managers, engineers, and local governments make informed decisions about danger to occupants and first responders immediately following an earthquake or other natural hazard.

BatEYE - Monitoring Bat Habitat

BatEYE - Monitoring Bat Habitat

Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering and Bat Conservation India Trust are using NVIDIA technology to monitor bat calls and climatic conditions of caves in real-time. In designing and deploying models to process audio clicks of cave-dwelling bats, the team can study movement ecology and cave conditions over time, while assessing impact of climate change on the bat and cave ecosystems in India. Support from the NVIDIA Applied Research Accelerator Program will allow the team to monitor over 20 bat species.

Volumetric 3D Display for Radiation Treatment

Volumetric 3D Display for Radiation Treatment

The University of California, Los Angeles, and Varian Medical Systems are developing GPU-accelerated models that create 3D volumetric projections of patient tumor positions during radiation therapy. Support from NVIDIA’s Applied Research Accelerator Program enables accurate prediction of tumor volume while patients receive radiotherapy, improving the precision of treatment plans for hundreds of thousands of oncology patients around the world.

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The Applied Research Accelerator Program Brochure

The Applied Research Accelerator Program Brochure

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What benefits are available through the NVIDIA Applied Research Accelerator Program?

    The program offers different tiers of support, depending on the scope and maturity of the project, as well as technical alignment.


    Projects that meet all eligibility requirements can receive up to $20K USD in hardware or cloud compute and is the equivalent of up to four workstation GPUs.


    If a commercial or government organization is planning to adopt the GPU-accelerated application in a product, service, or large-scale internal deployment, the project is eligible for up to $60K USD in hardware or cloud compute. This is the equivalent of up to eight workstation GPUs.


    If a commercial or government organization is investing resources, the project is eligible for up to $160K USD in hardware, cloud compute, and/or cash to support research engineers converting code from research to production to help with adoption.

  • How long is the typical review cycle and period of notice?

    We are not accepting applications right now. Register for the Developer Program to get notified when the next submission window opens.

  • Does NVIDIA require any intellectual property (IP) rights in the project?

    No. NVIDIA has no intention of owning the IP developed under the NVIDIA Applied Research Accelerator Program. The goal of this program is to support applied research projects that have high potential to result in deployed GPU-accelerated applications.

  • What is required of projects participating in the program?

    Applicants agree to comply with the NVIDIA Applied Research Accelerator Program Agreement. Projects selected for the program must:


    • Provide an update every six months via a follow-up questionnaire provided by NVIDIA.

    • Notify NVIDIA of any publications that include acknowledgement of NVIDIA support and NVIDIA technologies used, when applicable.

    • Submit applications to present research outcomes (if any) at GTC or other NVIDIA events to promote the project.

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