Get Started with Data Science: A Guide for Students

Data science is booming, but the expertise that can help drive faster breakthroughs requires students to have a foundation in various languages and libraries. Find all the resources beginners need to guide their data science journey here, from video tutorials to how-to handbooks on Github.


Tutorials for Data Science Students

Introduction to RAPIDS

Tutorial: How to Speed up Projects with RAPIDS

Get an introduction to RAPIDS, an open-source GPU-accelerated platform for data science ,and an overview of  its integrated software packages.

Introduction to XGBoost

Tutorial: How to Improve Deep Learning Model Accuracy on XGBoost

Explore how to accelerate XGBoost one of the most popular machine learning packages with GPUs on RAPIDS.

View more tutorial notebooks on GitHub.

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Educational Resources

Accelerating Data Science Workloads with RAPIDS

Accelerating Data Science Projects with RAPIDS

Learn how RAPIDS maximized data sciences productivity, performance, and insights with GPU-accelerated machine learning and data analytics libraries deployed on NVIDIA GPU platforms.

Browse Open Data Sources for Your Next Project

Browse Open Data Sources for Your Next Class Project

Leverage a list of open databases to strengthen the foundation of your research and education.

Making Data Science Teams Productive with Kubernetes and RAPIDS

Increase Team Productivity with Kubernetes and RAPIDS

Get an overview of NVIDIA-powered clusters that enable data scientist teams with Jupyter Notebooks to tackle complex data science problems.


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NVIDIA Data Science Starter Kit for Higher Education

Exclusively designed for university students, the Data Science Starter Kit includes NVIDIA TITAN RTX at a discounted price and offers hands-on training from the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute.