Frequently Asked Questions



  • Q: Will there still be a CEO Keynote?

    Yes. NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote will be released as a video on Monday, October 5, at 06:00 PDT (UTC-07:00). You can access and view the keynote anytime thereafter on

  • Q: Do I need to register to watch the CEO keynote?

    No. NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote will be made available free of charge. Interested parties can visit to access the keynote video starting Monday, October 5 at 06:00 PDT (UTC-07:00).  

  • Q: Networking with other people is a big reason I attend GTC. How will you offer this benefit online?

    We understand the value attendees get from interacting with fellow colleagues, researchers, industry experts, customers, partners, and NVIDIA executives. While the arrival of COVID-19 has made morning coffee dates, working lunches, and after-work drinks impossible, GTC will have some exciting new ways for you to connect with fellow attendees virtually including Dinner with Strangers, Braindates, and AI Art Painting socials. Please visit our attendee networking page for further information.  

  • Q: When will live sessions be hosted online?

    Live sessions will run continuously across all time zones starting at 06:00 PDT (UTC -07:00) on Monday, October 5, immediately following the GTC 2020 keynote by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. Once you’ve registered for GTC, you can view and sign-up for live webinars, Connect with the Experts sessions, workshops, training, and demos by applying the ‘live’ filter in the Session Catalog. For an exact schedule of live content, visit    

  • Q: When will recorded sessions be available?

    All GTC on demand sessions will be available via the Session Scheduler starting Monday, October 5, at approximately 10:00 PDT (UTC-07:00). All GTC live events will be recorded and added to the Session Scheduler starting Tuesday, October 6. Recorded talks, Connect with the Experts sessions, demos, and podcasts can be viewed online anytime. Simply log in to the Session Scheduler using your GTC registration credentials. NVIDIA DLI workshops are not recorded.

  • Q: Can I view sessions if I didn’t register for the conference?

    Some GTC content - such as the CEO Keynote, demos, the AI Art Gallery, and Inception AI Startup Showcase - will be free to access on To access all other content you must first register for GTC.

  • Q: Will you be making Connect with Experts office hours available?

    Yes. Connect with Experts office hours will be available for a wide range of topics. Each session will also be recorded and added to the Session Catalog following the live event. You can access those recordings using the ‘Connect with the Experts’ filter under ‘Session Type’ in the Session Catalog.

  • Q: Will I be able to access webinar videos and presentation materials for sessions I wasn’t able to attend?

    Yes, all live webinars will be recorded and posted to the Session Catalog along with a copy of the presentation slides 48 hours after the live event. GTC content will be available to registered attendees for 30 days after the event.

  • Q: Will GTC offer any sessions or tracks for startups?

    Yes. NVIDIA Inception hosts numerous panels and technical sessions exclusively designed for AI startups. Startups at GTC also have the opportunity to submit presentations for our virtual pavilion, gaining unique visibility among enterprise customers and venture capitalists. Find out how to become a member of NVIDIA Inception and submit a proposal for inclusion in the Inception Startup Pavilion here.      

  • Q: What is a Braindate?

    Participation in GTC simply requires an Internet connection and a connected device of your choosing (laptop, tablet, mobile phone). However, we recommend you update your web browsers to the latest version before joining the event. Once you’ve registered for a particular session or training we will notify you of any additional setup instructions, but all software utilized during the event will be free and seamless to use.

    Braindates are an easy, socially-distanced way to connect with fellow GTC attendees to share experiences and expertise. All registered GTC attendees can book these knowledge-sharing conversations covering a wide range of topics in either a one-on-one or small group setting. Simply log into the Virtual Braindate platform, create your profile, explore or create topics of interest, then book your preferred dates and times for your Braindate discussions. Visit our attendee networking page for further details.

  • What is Dinner with Strangers?

    These one-hour, NVIDIA-expert-moderated Webex video chat conversations are a great way to establish new connections, share experiences, and expertise. Participants are asked to make their own dinner, turn on their computer camera, and join the discussion during one of the many Dinner with Strangers events during GTC. Dinners will take place from 17:00 – 18:00 PDT (UTC-07:00) on October 6-8, 2020. Up to 15 people can join each event and we’ll have 10 hosted dinners every evening. For more information and to sign-up for a Dinner with Strangers event during GTC visit Peer Networking page.

  • Q: I’m really interested to learn more about how the artists behind the AI Art Gallery used AI to create their work. Where can I find more information?

    A: You can go behind the scenes with a couple of our amazing AI Art Gallery artists to learn more about how AI helped shape their creative process during one of our live, artist-led, “virtual studio tours”. Visit our AI Art Gallery page for further details. 

  • Q: I attended GTC DC in 2019. Will there be any special tracks or activities for public sector organizations at GTC this October?

    A: Yes. You can find all information about the Public Sector Summit at GTC 2020 here. You’ll hear from industry and public sector leaders on where AI is headed, attend interactive training sessions led by NVIDIA solutions architects, and network with experts from around the world. We have over 40 public sector sessions lined up, and several digital opportunities to connect with leaders in both AI and government.


  • Q: How do I find sessions and build my personal agenda using the Session Scheduler?

    • Join live sessions - Access links for your scheduled live events will be made available in the Session Scheduler 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. You will also receive a reminder email for all your scheduled sessions 15 minutes prior to the event. 

    • Access on-demand content - All GTC on-demand content will be available beginning Monday, October 5, at 08:00 PDT (UTC-07:00), following the GTC keynote by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. To access pre-recorded content toggle from the “Scheduled Sessions” tab to “On-Demand” in the Session Scheduler, then click on the session title to watch the recording. All live GTC sessions will be recorded and made available in the Session Scheduler 1-hour following the conclusion of each event. The recordings of Live GTC sessions will be added to the On-Demand tab within the catalog 48 hours after a live event has ended.

    • Make friends with filters - Check the boxes on the left-hand toolbar to help zero-in on the content of greatest interest to you. 

    • Use keywords to source content - Don’t see a filter that applies to what you’re seeking? Type a keyword into the ‘Search’ box to display all relevant Catalog entries. Use quotation marks (“example”) around exact phrases or names to narrow your search.

    • Build your interest list - Click on the star icon in the top right corner of each Catalog listing to add it to your ‘interest’ list. Come back at any time to add your ‘interest’ sessions to your schedule.

    • Add sessions to your calendar - The session calendaring function is only available to registered GTC attendees. Simply login using your GTC credentials and click “Add to Schedule” next to any session. However, please verify before adding new sessions to your calendar that you have not already booked a session at the same time.

    • Add training - Purchase a DLI Instructor-led workshop to add to your GTC Digital Conference pass for just $99 here. Seats are limited!

    • Access Training - If you are registered for the digital conference pass + DLI training package, visit our get ready page to make the most of your hands-on experience.  You will receive an email 24 hours prior to the workshop start time with exact access information.

    • Give us your feedback - We appreciate your input so we can continue improving your GTC experience. Please take a moment to provide your feedback via surveys in your Dashboard or using the GTC app.

    • Get the latest content and activity updates with the GTC app - Download the GTC app from your device app store and opt-in to receive notifications on new content, participate in attendee networking, submit feedback, and more.

    • Stay a step ahead with reminders - Click the ‘Reminder’ icon on any session in the mobile app to receive a notification prior to a live session.

  • Q: I’m having trouble adding sessions to my schedule. What should I do?

    If you are having trouble adding sessions to your schedule it may be due to one of the following reasons:

    • Your account is not paid in full. If you have a balance due you will not be able to add sessions to your schedule or access GTC content. Contact for assistance.
    • If you are using Internet Explorer please try an alternate web browser.
    • If you are trying to add a DLI workshop to your Digital Conference pass, additional payment is necessary. See additional purchase details  here. Seats are limited so be sure to sign-up early!
    • Make sure you are logged in with your GTC registration credentials to access sessions, and update your schedule, add DLI workshops, complete session surveys, etc. You can also access these capabilities via the GTC app. 
    • Verify before adding new sessions to your calendar that you have not already booked a session at the same time.