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From real-time ray–traced rendering to immersive virtual reality, the latest breakthroughs in 3D modeling and visualization are enabling AEC professionals to enhance workflows and accelerate productivity. Discover the latest innovations and powerful tools that are helping architects and designers keep up with their advanced workflows.


Jensen Huang | NVIDIA | Founder and CEO

Watch the keynote replay to hear Jensen Huang's insight into how NVIDIA is driving the rapid pace of technology advancements to help solve the world's toughest challenges.

Featured Speakers

Matt Coppinger

Scaling Learning and Training Experiences to the Enterprise Using 5G and Cloud XR

Matt Coppinger
Director of XR, VMware

Anne Hecht

Learn About the Latest Innovations in GPU-Accelerated Virtualization

Anne Hecht
Senior Director of Product Marketing, Accelerated Computing Solutions, NVIDIA

Ozzy Johnson

Deep Learning Demystified

Ozzy Johnson
Director, Solutions Architecture, NVIDIA

Jayson Thaker

Scalable Collaborative Architectural Design in the AEC Industry with NVIDIA EGX and Omniverse

Jayson Thaker
IT Operations Manager, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

Sessions By Topic


  • XR With Omniverse: Collaboration and Interaction With Unbounded Worlds

    • Omer Shapira, Engineer, NVIDIA

    Learn about designing and programming spatial computing features in Omniverse. We'll discuss Omniverse's real-time ray-traced XR renderer, the Omniverse Autograph system for visual programming, and how customers are using Omniverse's XR tools to do everything together--from design reviews to hangouts.

  • A Deep Dive into Building Micro Services with Omniverse

    • Jozef van Eenbergen, Senior Software Engineering Manager, NVIDIA
    • Philippe Sawicki, Senior Software Engineer, NVIDIA

    Continuing our talk from GTC April, we'll take a deeper dive into building micro services with Omniverse and how to use and run them. We'll build several services to demonstrate how the services stack can be used for tasks such as data translation, thumbnail generation, and batch processing.

  • Making a Connector for Omniverse

    • Lou Rohan, Omniverse Connect Engineer, NVIDIA

    Learn how to connect with the Omniverse platform and be able to send data to it, establish a live sync session, and get a USD 101 overview to get you started. This is primarily targeted at developers who want to learn how to create a plug-in for an application and push data to Omniverse. However, the topic is also applicable to those looking to write command-line or scripted converters, as well as connecting Omniverse and a data management system.

Extended Reality

  • Leveraging NVIDIA CloudXR 3.0 for Scalable Virtual Reality Training and Simulation

    • Jason Powers, Chief Creative Technologist, Brightline Interactive LLC

    Jason Powers, chief creative technologist at Brightline Interactive, will discuss how Brightline has used CloudXR 3.0 to develop a scalable virtual reality training platform. This platform allows for remote rendering of the virtual environment, collaboration between trainees and instructors, and other key elements introduced in CloudXR 3.0.  

  • Next-level VR Compute and Create with HTC

    • Shen Ye, Senior Director, Global Head of Hardware Products, HTC VIVE

    Discover seamless remote rendering for XR applications, and the partner ecosystem that empowers users to design, modify, and collaborate on large assets within the VR environment—all without the traditional requirements of a local GPU and a tethered headset.

  • Holographic Near-eye Display: The Future of XR

    • Jonghyun Kim, Senior Research Scientist, NVIDIA

    Holographic near-eye displays promise to deliver a full 3D experience, and have made remarkable progress over the last few years. However, holographic displays had suffered from poor image quality because of the wrongly optimized phase patterns, imperfect SLM, mismatch between ideal wave propagation and the real world, etc. We'll introduce recent research efforts from NVIDIA and Stanford University to solve these challenges.

Artificial Intelligence

  • It's Not About Location. It's About Innovation

    • Hajar Mousannif, Associate Professor, Founder of Master in Data Science @UCA, Cadi Ayyad University
    • Natnael Kebede, Chief NERD & Co-founder, NERD
    • Michael Young, Tech Community Builder, Python Ghana

    NVIDIA launched the Emerging Chapters Program five months ago to empower emerging market developers with the latest industry knowledge and skills. The program provides training to help developers solve their most challenging problems with NVIDIA technologies, and accelerates startups and researchers through NVIDIA’s Inception and academic programs.

  • AI Propels the Growth of Emerging Technologies

    • Wei Xiao, Global Emerging Technologies Lead, NVIDIA
    • Björn Stoffers, Co-founder , OroraTech
    • Ciira Maina, Senior Lecturer, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
    • Tali Treibitz, CTO and co-founder, Head of the Viseaon Marine Imaging Lab, SeaErra
    • Talia Speaker, WildLabs Program Officer, WildLabs at World Wildlife Fund

    Join our panel discussion to learn how NVIDIA AI propelled emerging technologies to revolutionize traditional industries, and how the convergence of emerging technologies and emerging markets achieves a new level of human ability and societal outcomes.

  • Deep Learning Demystified

    • Ozzy Johnson, Director, Solutions Architecture, NVIDIA

    AI has evolved and improved methods for data analysis and complex computations, solving problems that seemed well beyond our reach only a few years ago. Learn the fundamentals of accelerated data analytics, high-level use cases, and problem-solving methods—and how deep learning is transforming every industry. 


  • Modernize Hybrid Workspaces with Accelerated VDI

    • Lee Bushen, Senior Solution Architect, NVIDIA

    Find out how NVIDIA virtual PC (vPC) software, combined with the latest NVIDIA A16 GPU, provides the best possible user experience for today’s modern digital worker. This powerful solution enables access to streaming video, videoconferencing, and multiple high-resolution displays to maximize efficiency. 

    Country/Location: United Kingdom

  • Best Practices for Deploying AI Workloads on Virtualized Enterprise Infrastructure

    • Vinay Bagade, Performance Engineer, NVIDIA
    • Joe Cullen, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer – vGPU, NVIDIA

    Setting up an enterprise-grade AI software infrastructure is a complicated task for IT admins. To address this, VMware and NVIDIA have partnered together to deliver the AI-Ready Enterprise platform. Learn how enterprises can benefit from NVIDIA AI Enterprise certified on vSphere. 

    Country/Location: USA

  • Learn About the Latest Innovations in GPU-Accelerated Virtualization

    • Anne Hecht, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Accelerated Computing Solutions, NVIDIA
    • John Fanelli, Vice President, NVIDIA

    Join NVIDIA’s virtualization leadership team as they unveil the latest announcements for NVIDIA’s virtual GPU (vGPU) technology. Find out about the latest feature enhancements for NVIDIA vGPU software, powered by NVIDIA Ampere-architecture GPUs, which enable IT to deliver any workload—from VDI to AI—with performance that’s on par with bare metal. 

    Country/Location: USA

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