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Jensen Huang | NVIDIA | Founder and CEO

Watch the keynote replay to hear Jensen Huang's insight into how NVIDIA is driving the rapid pace of technology advancements to help solve the world's toughest challenges.

Featured Speakers

Laura Anderson

Energy Transition, Sustainability, and Role of Technology

Laura Anderson
SVP Controls and Digitalizaton, Siemens Energy

Manuvir Das

Inception Venture Capital AllianceNVIDIA Executive Strategy and Discussion

Manuvir Das
SVP, Enterprise Business, NVDIA

Spiros Margaris

AI in Fintech: With Great Power comes Great Responsibility

Spiros Margaris
Founder, Margaris Ventures

Robin Jose

Disrupting Insurance Business Models with Data and AI

Robin Jose
Chief Data and Analytics Officer, wefox

Sessions By Topic

Autonomous Vehicles

  • Scaling ML Ops for AV Development

    • Clement Farabet, VP of AI Infrastructure, NVIDIA
    • Nicolas Koumchatzky, Senior Director of AI Infrastructure, NVIDIA

    A primary challenge in developing autonomous vehicles is the complexity of the infrastructure and automation required to support AI development. The collection of software and operations required to develop AI in a robust way is called MLOps. In this session, we'll focus on how NVIDIA is approaching MLOps at the scale necessary to deploy AVs, including the automation and workflows we have put together, from the fleet to the cloud, through our simulator, and back to the fleet. 

  • Developing and Testing Autonomous Vehicles at Scale

    • Norm Marks, Global Lead Automotive Enterprise, NVIDIA
    • Rambo Jacoby, Principal Product Manager, NVIDIA

    Developing, training, and testing AI for autonomous driving is an extremely complex and costly effort. NVIDIA DRIVE Infrastructure accelerates end-to-end AI platform development for AVs, encompassing the data center hardware, software, and workflows needed to develop and validate self-driving technology — from data collection through validation. We'll cover how this enterprise-ready platform speeds the development of complex AI models using DGX SuperPOD, NVIDIA Base Command, NVIDIA Fleet Command, and pre-trained models from NVIDIA NGC. 

  • High-Definition, Scalable Mapping for Autonomous Vehicles

    • Rambo Jacoby, Principal Product Manager, NVIDIA

    HD maps are a central part of the autonomous vehicle experience. This session will dive into NVIDIA's strategy for delivering a comprehensive mapping solution to our AV partners, demonstrate how maps are used as part of our end-to-end AV solution, and discuss how our work is accelerated by the recent acquisition of DeepMap.

  • Developing an Intelligent Cockpit Architecture

    • Niranjan Avadhanam, Director of Engineering, NVIDIA

    The automotive cockpit of the future needs to blend traditional functions with AI-based features. These functions may be disaggregated across compute nodes or combined in a mixed safety concept. We'll present the NVIDIA DRIVE IX cockpit architecture, which enables these intelligent features in an update-friendly and computationally efficient manner. 

Data Science

  • AI in Practice: Allianz Cuts Down on Time-to-insight with Out-of-box NLP

    • Anshul Vikram Pandey, Co-Founder and CTO, Accern

    Typically, the accuracy and relevance of a machine learning model directly correlate with the amount of time spent iterating and training that model. For Allianz, a multinational financial services and insurance provider, the time spent iterating meant not catching potential credit deterioration or downgrades, which in turn meant significantly worse returns on their portfolio. Allianz also needed a better way to bridge the gap between data from different departments, so portfolio management could be seamless and partially automated. Learn how Allianz implemented a no-code natural language processing (NLP) tool run on NVIDIA GPUs to incorporate sentiment data into their process and get portfolio insights more efficiently.

  • Disrupting Insurance Business Models with Data and AI

    • Robin Jose, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, wefox

    Wefox, the largest insurtech of Europe, looks forward to disrupting existing business models with the power of data and AI. By focusing on understanding the risk characteristics and behavior of a customer, we plan to go from the >100-year-old "risk compensation" model of insurance, where you get money for a bad thing that happened to you, to a place where we prevent bad things from happening to the customer in the first place. How can insurance be the guardian angel that enables "risk prevention" for customers? We'll talk about how wefox uses data and AI to meet this vision.


  • Inception Venture Capital Alliance: NVIDIA Executive Strategy and Discussion

    • Greg Estes, VP of Marketing, NVIDIA
    • Mat Torgow, Head of Venture Capital Business Development, NVIDIA
    • Manuvir Das, Head of Enterprise Computing, NVIDIA
    • Shanker Trivedi, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business, NVIDIA
    • Vishal Bhagwati, Head of Corporate Development, NVIDIA

    Join us to hear from NVIDIA's executive leadership team on our strategy and direction across our company: developers, startups, computing platforms, enterprise customers, and corporate development.

  • Future of Healthcare AI Startups

    • Renee Yao, Global Healthcare AI Startups, NVIDIA
    • Naheed Kurji, Co-founder, President, and CEO, Cyclia
    • Dong Ni, Founder and President , Rayshape
    • Joseph Mossel, CEO and Co-Founder , Ibex Medical Analytics

    AI has taken on a much bigger role in health care during the pandemic. We'll join three leading-edge startups representing medical imaging, smart hospital, and drug discovery segments. They'll share the trends, challenges, and opportunities about how AI is shaping the health-care and life science industry

  • Regional Panel with Top Startups from Korea

    • Sunny Lee, Korea Enterprise Marketing , NVIDIA
    • Wan Seo, Developer Relations Manger, NVIDIA
    • Junghoon Cha, Deputy Minister, Ministry of SMEs and Startups
    • Sejin Oh, Founder and CEO, TEN
    • Euhyun Moon, Assistant Professor of Korea Aerospace University, Ratio LLC
    • Frank C. Park, Founder and CEO, Saige Research
    • Lucas SeungHwan Jeong, Founder and CEO, LionRocket

    Industry 4.0 is a paradigm shift for the whole world. Major changes are happening with the merging of artificial intelligence, blockchain, vehicle automation, smart factories, and more. With a culture and infrastructure that quickly adapt to the most recent technological advances, Korea is at the center of all. Discover how Korean startups are enabling artificial intelligence to transfer this highly manual and costly testing to the real world.

Sessions From Around the World

  • Latin America’s Growing Artificial Intelligence Wave

    • Marcio Aguiar, Enterprise Director of Sales - LATAM, NVIDIA
    • Nayat Sanchez Pi, CEO, Inria Chile Foundation
    • Cristina Nader, Research Software Engineer, Google
    • Esteban Clua, Professor, Federal Fluminense University
    • Carlos J. Barrios H., Professor - Director, High Performance and Scientific Computing Center of the Universidad Industrial de Santander

    Artificial intelligence is developing rapidly around the world. Latin American countries have the capacity to harness the full potential of AI. This panel will bring influencers from governments, industry, and academia to discuss the state of AI, assess the ecosystem in Latin America, and motivate cooperation about new AI-enabled initiatives to foster development. We'll also touch on the importance of research and mentorship in shaping the future of AI, how NVIDIA has been empowering researchers and educators, and lowering the barrier of incorporating AI and GPU computing in the lab and classrooms.

  • Unleashing African Talent in the Age of AI

    • Kate Kallot, Head of Emerging Areas, NVIDIA
    • John Kamara, Founder, AdaLabs, AI Center of Excellence

    Africa’s AI economy is booming, and it needs more homegrown developers. The key to growing an AI economy, which includes everything from fintech to health care, AgTech, and venture capital, is to grow the developer talents that build the products and engines on which it runs. Africa is the world’s fastest-growing continent for software developers. What can bridge the developer skills gap in the rapidly expanding talent pool, and advance their learning experience to meet global market requirements? John Karama, founder at Ada Labs and AI Center of Excellence, will discuss the top 10 things we can do for African developers to unleash their aspirations for digitizing the African 

  • AI in the Caribbean Context

    • Camir Ricketts, Data Scientist, NVIDIA
    • Wei Xiao, Global Emerging Technologies Lead, NVIDIA

    Artificial intelligence will transform the Caribbean. AI in the region, though still in its infancy, is already having an impact. Automation and robots are transforming industrial processes in sectors like vehicle production and the chemical and plastic industries. People throughout the region are engaging with machine-based chatbots when dealing with banks, retailers, and airlines. Farms are using AI to improve planting and crop management. AI has enormous potential to increase growth in the Caribbean, if the region is provided with enough education to take advantage of it. 

  • AfricaThe Next Big Fintech Market/Hub?

    • Amulya Vishwanath, Strategy Lead- Emerging Areas, NVIDIA
    • Lilian Makoi Rabi, Founder, MipangoApp
    • Nii Osae Osae Dade, Director of Software Engineering, CYST

    With many African financial technology companies leading startups in fundraising, what role will fintech companies play in their national economies? Do laws like the African continental free trade agreement democratize other emerging economies to adopt financial technology solutions? Are there other barriers to entry for integration with fintechs in emerging areas, compared to their Western counterparts? This panel will address some of the most pressing challenges these leading startups seek to solve, and gain insights from founders and technical leads.

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