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Jensen Huang | NVIDIA | Founder and CEO

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Featured Speakers

Kevin Deierling

5 Things CIOs Need to Know About DPUs

Kevin Deierling 
Senior Vice President of NetworkingNVIDIA

Marc Fleischmann

Meet the Infrastructure Demands of Next-Gen Applications

Marc Fleischmann
CTO Cloud Infrastructure, VMware


Manuvir Das

Accelerating the Data Center

Manuvir Das 
Head of Enterprise Computing; SVP and General Manager, Cloud Platform BusinessNVIDIA

Jithin Jose

Sessions By Topic

Data Center

  • Building and Operating a Top 10 Supercomputer: Efficient at-scale Performance with DGX SuperPODs

    • Julie Bernauer, Director, Data Center Systems Engineering, NVIDIA

    In a competitive data center environment, where AI is key and research teams are racing for the best models, fast deployment, combined with reliable operations and efficiency, is key. It provides an invaluable competitive advantage. AI supercomputers allow for efficient versatility, as the platform can be set up in available data centers with minimal design changes. We'll show how an AI supercomputer can be optimally designed for AI as well as HPC performance, and be built with an efficient modular design to fit into any infrastructure. We'll also show how data center software and operations can be set up to monitor and interact with the deployment, leading to a fast, efficient, and versatile supercomputer ranked high in Top 500, HPL-AI, MLPerf, and Green 500 benchmarks.

  • Delivering Superhuman Language Understanding for Enterprise with DGX SuperPOD

    • Charlie Boyle, VP, GM DGX Systems, NVIDIA

    Businesses around the world are tapping into the power of NLP to deliver enhanced customer experiences that feel more natural and intuitive. They’re also mining oceans of data to find hidden insights buried in text, giving meaning to information in a fraction of the time taken by humans. 

  • Learn about the Latest Innovations in GPU-Accelerated Virtualization

    • Anne Hecht, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Accelerated Computing Solutions, NVIDIA
    • John Fanelli, Vice President, NVIDIA

    Join NVIDIA’s virtualization leadership team as they unveil the latest announcements for NVIDIA’s virtual GPU (vGPU) technology. Find out about the latest feature enhancements for NVIDIA vGPU software, powered by NVIDIA Ampere-architecture GPUs, which enable IT to deliver any workload--from VDI to AI--with performance on par with bare metal. Also, see how advances with NVIDIA vGPU technology make it easier than ever for IT to deploy modern graphics and compute intensive workloads in the data center.

  • AI Implementers Speak: Insights for AI Performance, Productivity, and Scale

    • Tony Paikeday, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Artificial Intelligence Systems, NVIDIA
    • Wesley Rhodes, VP of Technology Transformation and Research & Development, Kroger
    • Yoshiki Tanaka, Senior Manager, Sony Group Corporation
    • Jess Leung, Machine Learning Engineering Lead, Borealis AI

    This talk brings together AI implementers who have deployed deep learning at scale using NVIDIA DGX systems. We'll focus on specific technical challenges they faced, solution design considerations, and best practices learned from implementing deep learning platforms.


  • Check Point and NVIDIA Deliver Firewall Security at the Speed of the Network

    • Gera Dorfman, VP Network Security Products, Check Point Software Technologies

    Enterprises need network security that performs at the speed of business to securely transfer hundreds of terabytes of data in minutes, provide low latency for high-frequency financial transactions, while also scaling security on demand to support hyper-growth businesses like online commerce. Learn how Check Point and NVIDIA partnered to deliver firewall security at the speed of the network, creating the industry’s fastest cybersecurity solution with up to 3 Tbps of throughput. Secure 400 TB file transfers that used to take hours can now be done in minutes. Financial institutions can now securely process millions of high-frequency trades with microsecond latency. We'll review real customer use cases across industries, including how they benefited from a tenfold increase in firewall security performance.

  • Powering Unprecedented Data Center Transformation with DPUs

    • Yael Shenhav, Vice President, Business Ethernet NIC and DPU, NVIDIA

    Cloud computing and AI are driving fundamental changes in the architecture of modern data centers. Just as GPU-accelerated solutions have transformed data science and AI, DPUs are now transforming the data center stack, so it can run the next wave of applications. This session will introduce the key pillars of this transformation journey and explore some of the prominent, real-world applications for DPUs today.

  • Programming the Data Center of the Future Today with NVIDIA DOCA

    • Ariel Kit, Director Product DPU, NVIDIA
    • Pete Lumbis, Director of Technical Marketing for DPU and DOCA, NVIDIA

    Data center builders and innovators are challenged to meet the increasing demands for scale and performance, all while protecting data confidentiality. To address these challenges, The NVIDIA DOCA framework provides a comprehensive SDK for programming the NVIDIA BlueField DPU and a runtime package of accelerated data center services. We’ll cover DOCA features and services for developers and IT operations.

  • Using a Digital Twin for the NaMeX Internet Exchange

    • Attila de Groot, Solutions Architect, NVIDIA
    • Flavio Luciani, CTO, NaMeX IT

    NaMeX used the NVIDIA Air platform to build a digital twin. They tested Cumulus Linux in the digital twin before going into production this year, and are continuing to use the concept to expand their network to a multi-tier, multi-site architecture. People will learn how to leverage NVIDIA Air to create a digital twin of their infrastructure and see how this is being used in a real world use-case.


  • Modernize Hybrid Workspaces with Accelerated VDI

    • Lee Bushen, Sr. Solutions Architect, Northern Europe, NVIDIA

    Flexible work has become a requirement as employees must be able to move freely from home to the office and remain productive. Find out how NVIDIA virtual PC (vPC) software combined with the latest NVIDIA A16 GPU provide the best possible user experience for today’s modern digital worker--enabling access to streaming video and video conferencing and multiple high-resolution displays to maximize efficiency. Learn about customers across many industries who have doubled their VDI user density and provided a superior experience for remote employees while simplifying the management of IT infrastructure. 

  • Making AI Accessible from Anywhere to Students, Faculty, and Researchers

    • Maurizio Davini, CTO, University of Pisa

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, University of Pisa was challenged to find solutions to add flexible computing resources for conducting research remotely. The increasing demand for AI deep learning and machine learning applications support required a redesign of the computing infrastructure to integrate virtualized resources with VMware vSphere and NVIDIA AI Enterprise, along with bare metal with the latest storage and network technologies. We'll detail the options evaluated by the university to make AI accessible to everyone from a composable, flexible, high-performance infrastructure.

  • Best Practices for Deploying AI Workloads on Virtualized Enterprise Infrastructure

    • Vinay Bagade, Performance Engineer, NVIDIA
    • Joe Cullen, Technical Marketing Engineer, NVIDIA

    Setting up an enterprise-grade AI software infrastructure is a complicated task for IT admins. This session will discuss how enterprises can benefit from NVIDIA AI Enterprise certified on vSphere. The speakers will guide the audience through an end-to-end training and inference workload using pre-trained models and Triton Inference Server, showing how these workloads auto-scale using Kubernetes and Tanzu depending on the user density and requirement. 

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