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Jensen Huang | NVIDIA | Founder and CEO

Watch the keynote replay to hear Jensen Huang's insight into how NVIDIA is driving the rapid pace of technology advancements to help solve the world's toughest challenges.

Featured Speakers

A Vision of the Metaverse

Tim Sweeney
 Founder and CEO, Epic Games

A Vision of the Metaverse

 Jinsoo Jeon
VP, Head of Metaverse Co., Metaverse Company, SK Telecom

Featured Sessions by Topics

3D Design & Animation Workflows

  • A New Material-Editing Workflow For NVIDIA Omniverse: Previewing the Substance 3D Plug-In

    • Alexandre Bagard, Strategic Initiatives and Partnership Manager, Adobe
    • Jacob Norris, Lead Environment Artist, NVIDIA

    NVIDIA and Adobe are collaborating on a plug-in that will enable 3D creators to work with Substance Materials directly within Omniverse. Learn how this will enable creators to work with multiple 3D apps in a collaborative environment.

  • Foundations of the Metaverse: Omniverse Nucleus for Collaboration

    • TJ Galda, Director of Product Management NVIDIA

    Get a closer look into Omniverse Nucleus, the Omniverse platform’s revolutionary collaboration and database engine that allows live editing for multiple artists at once. You’ll  see a real-time Omniverse-accelerated workflow with Omniverse Connectors that enables 3D artists and creators to work collaboratively across leading industry tools like Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter by Adobe, Epic Games Unreal Engine 4, and Autodesk 3ds Max, as well as a preview of upcoming connections to SideFX Houdini.

Digital Humans & Avatars

  • Transforming Storytelling with Digital Avatars

    • Maria Chmir, CEO, Deepcake RU
    • Kevin He, CEO, Deepmotion
    • Gilad Talmon, CEO, Tetavi
    • Kathryn Webb, Creative AI Director, WPP
    • Victor Riparbelli, CEO, Synthesia

    Discover how startups around the world are making storytelling more accessible and engaging through the use of bespoke, lifelike digital avatars. From the use of volumetric capture enabling holographic experiences to AI motion capture that generates 3D animations, learn about the latest technologies impacting Media & Entertainment today.

  • Digital Human Technologies behind Virtual Jensen and SIGGRAPH Real-Time Live

    • Simon Yuen, Director of Graphics and AI, NVIDIA 
    • Ming-Yu Liu, Distinguished Research Scientist/Director of Research, NVIDIA

    In this session, we’ll reveal the details of the key technologies that enabled the Virtual Jensen Huang shot for the Spring 2021 GTC Keynote. We’ll also show how we further extended the technologies to build a real-time digital avatar demo that won the Best-in-Show Award in the 2021 SIGGRAPH Real-Time Live.

  • More Realistic 3D Reconstruction of Human Performances

    • George Ash, Software Engineer, dimension
    • Charles Dupont, Head of Product, dimension

    We'll go over end-to-end volumetric capture of 3D human performance, how inverse rendering approaches approximate material properties of the subject, and use cases for VFX or XR scenarios.

  • Discover iClone to Omniverse: The Complete Character-Animation Workflow

    • Elvis Huang, Head of Innovation Reallusion
    • John Martin II, Vice President Reallusion US

    Learn how to create, animate, and deploy digital humans and 3D characters for Omniverse Create and Machinima. The Reallusion character animation pipeline consists of a workflow to easily build and animate characters with Character Creator and iClone. The new iClone Connector for Omniverse simplifies character facial blendshape animation, body animation, props, camera, lights, and scene setup while exporting everything to Omniverse.

  • Special Event - Expert Breakout: Discovering NVIDIA's Digital Human Research and Technologies

    • Jose Rafael da Costa, Polymath Senior Research Scientist, NVIDIA
    • Yeongho Seol, Senior Devtech Engineer, NVIDIA
    • Arun Mallya, Senior Research Scientist, NVIDIA
    • Ming-Yu Liu, Distinguished Research Scientist/Director of Research, NVIDIA 
    • Evgeny Tumanov, Senior Deep Learning Engineer, NVIDIA 
    • Simon Yuen, Director of Graphics and AI, NVIDIA
    • Koki Nagano, Senior Research Scientist NVIDIA

    Get to know the team behind the making of virtual Jensen Huang in GTC 2021's keynote and the winners of SIGGRAPH's 2021 Real-Time Live demo. You'll also learn more about the bleeding-edge digital human technologies that NVIDIA research, creative, and engineering teams are working on.

AI in Art

  • Unleash Your Inner Lyricist with AI Assistant LyricStudio

    • Maya Ackerman, CEO/Co-Founder WaveAI

    When it comes to creativity, many fear that AI will take away the pleasure of personal expression. But what if a machine could genuinely elevate our creative abilities? In this workshop, we'll develop lyrics with the aid of LyricStudio, a "humble creative machine" designed to make you more creative and unleash your inner poet.

  • General Use of GANs for Media & Entertainment

    • Arun Mallya, Senior Research Scientist NVIDIA
    • Rick Grandy, Principal Solutions Architect – Media and Entertainment NVIDIA
    • Daniela Flamm Jackson, Workflow Specialist NVIDIA
    • Chris Hebert, Developer Technology Engineer NVIDIA US
    • Ashlee Martino-Tarr, 3D Workflow Specialist/3D Artist NVIDIA

    This panel explores the exciting use cases of General Adversarial Networks (GANs) in media, entertainment, and creative workflows. Learn how the emergence of AI will affect artists, designers, workflows, studios, and beyond.

  • AI Enables a New Form of Performance Art at Silbersalz Science Festival

    • Johannes Stelzer, CEO, Lunar Ring / Colugo

    How can people come together and create new forms of art experience with AI? And what’s the technical implementation behind it? We'll tell the story behind Augenblick, the central art piece of this year’s Silbersalz Science and Media festival. Here, we installed a 350+ inch screen behind the stage area of a medieval castle located in Halle, Germany.  

  • Using AI-Driven Tracking for Virtual Production, Interactive Art, and Live Entertainment

    • Matt Swoboda, Director 10 Bit FX Limited

    We'll discuss our experience of integrating the technologies, our artist-centric motivations in the context of building a software product, and some of the real-world outcomes artists have achieved using the technologies. Some interesting case studies will show the technologies used in high-profile live events and touring shows, the successes and the challenges along the way, and their implications for the present and future of live entertainment and music.

Sessions From Around the World

  • Creating 3D Artworks and Animations with NVIDIA Technologies

    • Michael Berhanu, Co-founder, ARMA

    ARMA co-founder Michael Berhanu will share how NVIDIA technologies enable creative artists and storytellers to produce artwork collaboratively and tell their stories through animation.

    Country/Location: Ethiopia

  • Unlimited Vegetation Asset Customization in Omniverse

    • Mathieu Riveccie, Director of Product Management - DCC, Bentley Systems

    In this presentation, we’ll show you how e-on software's PlantFactory vegetation modeling technologies--and the PlantCatalog dedicated asset collections--can help you enrich your scenes with unlimited botanically accurate USD vegetation models, custom tailored for Omniverse. You'll see how you can easily change the shape, age, season, health, growth, variation, or wind intensity of PlantCatalog assets, and integrate them back to your Omniverse stage.

    Country/Location: France

  • Wearing the Omniverse: Photogrammetry Applied to Clothing

    • Jesus Luque, CTO Peris Digital
    • Sergio Martinez Portela, Head Software Engineer Peris Digital

    From the costumers of Bridgerton, Peaky Blinders, and The Queen’s Gambit, learn about a revolutionary new process to digitize over 7.5 million garments on demand. See how this unlocks the possibility of using higher-quality digital garments for secondary characters or main characters, avoids the need to use several instances of the same garment on different characters, and improves the quality and realism of the productions.

    Country/Location: Spain

  • Integrating DLSS in Frostbite

    • Sebastian Tafuri, Senior Rendering Engineer, Electronic Arts/Frostbite

    DLSS upscaling has become a very attractive way to improve the performance of games. There are some common challenges one might run into with a sophisticated engine like Frostbite, including correct handling of motion vectors, particle effects, half-resolution effects, and texture quality. We'll discuss how we have integrated DLSS with the latest Battlefield installment, the challenges we encountered, and the solutions learned.

    Country/Location: Sweden

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