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Jensen Huang | NVIDIA | Founder and CEO

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Featured Speakers

John Kamara

Unleashing African Talent in the Age of AI

John Kamara
Founder, AdaLabs and AI Centre Of Excellence, Kenya

Hajar Mousannif

Bridging the Last-Mile Gap with AI Education

Hajar Mousannif
Professor & co-organizer, Cadi Ayyad University | TinyML Morocco, Cadi Ayyad University

Abhishek Thakur

Finding Your True Voice AI: Breaking Language Barriers with Natural Language Processing

Abhishek Thakur
Machine Learning Engineer, Hugging Face

Darlington Akogo

Sessions By Topic

AI Around the World

  • Unleashing African Talent in the Age of AI

    • John Kamara, Founder of Adalabs and AI Center of Excellence, Kenya
    • Kate Kallot, Head of Emerging Areas, NVIDIA

    Join this interview with John Karama, founder at Ada Labs and AI Center of Excellence, to discuss the top 10 things we can do for Africa and African developers to prepare talent for the job market and entrepreneurship.

  • Latin America’s Growing Artificial Intelligence Wave

    • Nayat Sanchez Pi, Director of Inria Research Center in Chile, CEO of Inria Chile
    • Cristina Nader, Research Software Engineer, Google
    • Prof Esteban Clua, Professor at Universidade Federal Fluminense, CUDA Fellow
    • Carlos Jaime Barrios, Professor, University of Santander in Colombia
    • Moderator: Marcio Aguiar, Director of Enterprise Sales - Latin America, NVIDIA

    Artificial intelligence is developing rapidly around the world, and now Latin American countries have the capacity to take advantage of the full potential of AI. This panel will bring influencers from governments, industry, and academia to discuss the state of AI, assess the ecosystem in Latin America, and motivate cooperation about new AI-enabled initiatives to foster development.

  • Bridging the Last-Mile Gap with AI Education

    • Hajar Mousannif, Professor & co-organizer, Cadi Ayyad University | TinyML Morocco
    • Muthoni Wanyoike, Nairobi Women in Machine Learning & Data Science
    • Natnael Kebede, Chief NERD & Co-founder, New Era Research and Development Center, Ethiopia
    • Moderator: Amulya Vishwanath, Emerging Areas Lead, NVIDIA
    • Celina Lee, Co-Founder and CEO, Zindi

    Experts in Africa are not only at the forefront of enabling research and commercial use of technologies. They’re also heavily invested in building talented technology communities. To drive Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science knowledge development and applicability, these community leaders have taken on the mission to democratize AI. Whether you’re a student, emerging professional, or a developer, you’ll learn about local developer chapters and how they’re helping communities solve real-world challenges using AI. Join us on our mission to enable AI for every developer, unlocking innovation, and creating new opportunities in emerging markets. 

  • Accelerating Med Tech Deployment in Emerging Markets

    • Renee Yao, Global Healthcare Startup Lead, NVIDIA
    • Paul Li, Product Manager, Yuan High-Tech Development Co., Ltd.
    • ChanMi Kim, Product Manager, Noul
    • Ahmed M. Ehab Mahmoud, PhD, Director of Innovation, Dileny Technologies LLC
    • Thomas van Schijndel, General Manager, Jiangsu JITRI Sioux Technologies Co., Ltd

    In this talk, you will hear from leading healthcare AI startups how they accelerated the adoption of innovative health technologies in emerging markets to drive improved healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

Collaboration for Innovation

  • Bottom Up Innovation: How Startups are Leading AI Transformation in Africa

    • Darlington Akogo, Founder, minoHealth
    • Mutembei Kariuki, Co-founder, Fastagger & AUNI AI
    • Nii Osae, Co-Founder, CystAI
    • Davis Adieno, Director of Programs at Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data
    • Moderator: Kate Kallot, Head of Emerging Areas, NVIDIA

     In this panel, we will touch on the importance of collaboration needed between startups, public sector and UN offices to drive AI innovation in Africa.

  • tinyML for Good

    • Evgeni Gousev, Sr. Director of Qualcomm Research 
    • Fran Baker, Global social impact and innovation lead, Arm
    • Alexander Saravia, Co-founder and CEO Sunplena Tech
    • Clinton Oduor, Co-founder of Rhions Lab, tinyML Kenya lead
    • Chris Rogers, CEO, SensiML
    • Moderator: Kate Kallot, Head of Emerging Areas, NVIDIA

    tinyML is not tiny. It has a big impact on healthcare, education, conservation and climate change. In this panel discussion, we will discuss the tinyML for Good applications, opportunities, and how tinyML drives AI innovation in the emerging markets.

  • NVIDIA Emerging Chapters Community Developer Meetup

    The NVIDIA Emerging Chapters program is hosting a virtual developer meetup at GTC for developer communities and their members. During this virtual session, we’ll have lightning talks where you’ll learn about the various AI, data science, and content tech tools and SDKs, as well as open-source projects. You'll also interact with NVIDIA experts and try your luck with raffles for $100-500 USD in AI course coupons from the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute.

  • Gaming's Next Global Hotspot

    • Jay Shapiro, Founder & CEO, Usiku Games
    • Eryam Tawia, Co-Founder & CEO, Leti Arts
    • Andrew Kaggia, Award-winning filmmaker, lead content developer at Herosmashers TV
    • Samia Chelbi, Founder, NETINFO
    • Moderator: Ike Nnoli, Product Marketing, NVIDIA

    Africa’s burgeoning gaming industry is poised for unprecedented growth. In this panel, our panelists will share the trends and opportunities in Africa’s gaming industry, reflect on the barriers that game developers face, and discuss how the developer communities, startups, and NVIDIA can partner together to accelerate growth.

Emerging Applications

  • Finding Your True Voice AI: Breaking Language Barriers with Natural Language Processing

    • Abhishek Thakur, Machine Learning Engineer, Hugging Face
    • Britone Mwasaru, Fellow, Mozilla Foundation
    • Jane Polak Scowcroft, Product Lead, NVIDIA
    • Odette Scharenborg, Associate Professor, Delft University of Technology
    • Mitesh Khapra, Associate Professor, IIT Madras
    • Moderator: Amulya Vishwanath, Emerging Areas Lead, NVIDIA 

    Join academic, research, and industry experts for a technical panel discussion on the future of Natural Language Processing (NLP) for medium and low-resource languages. Discover how to access and develop successful datasets, frameworks, and tools to build conversational and AI voice AI for African, Arabic, and Indic languages. If you're new to the NLP community or an existing expert looking to learn more about how today's researchers and developers are collaborating around the globe, don't miss out on attending this session. Panel discussion will be followed by Q&A.

  • Real-Time Arabic ASR for Quran Recitation with Riva and NeMo

    • Anas Abou-Allaban, Co-founder, Tarteel

    Learn how Tarteel is using NVIDIA's conversational AI tools--Riva and NeMo--to provide real-time feedback on Quran recitation at scale. We'll discuss the applications and challenges of data collection, automatic speech recognition (ASR), and speaker recognition to the unique domain, along with insights and suggestions to improve the AI ecosystem for low-resource languages.

  • AI Propels the Growth of Emerging Technologies

    • Björn Stoffers, Co-founder and CCO, OroraTech
    • Dr. Tali, CTO and founder of SeaErra, Head of the Viseaon Marine Imaging Lab and Univ. of Haifa
    • Dr. Ciira Maina, Professor, Dedan Kimathi university of Technology
    • Talia Speaker, WILDLABS Program Officer at World Wildlife Fund
    • Wei Xiao, Emerging Areas DevRel, NVIDIA
    • Moderator: Wei Xiao, Director of Developer Relations, Cross Geo, NVIDIA

    Infusing AI into both new territories and the existing market unlocks positive impacts on nature and lives. Learn how NVIDIA AI propelled revolutions in the traditional industries and how the convergence of emerging technologies and markets achieves a new level of human ability and societal outcomes.

  • Animated Storytelling: Turn a Story into an Animated Film with NVIDIA Technologies

    • Michael Berhanu, Co-Founder of ARMA Advertising Pvt. Ltd and director of Ethiopian Motion Design and Visual Effects Community

    From Addis Ababa to Lagos, Cape Town to Cairo, animation is fueling the emergence of a creative economy across the African continent. ARMA co-founder Michael Berhanu will share how NVIDIA technologies enable creative artists and storytellers to produce artwork collaboratively and tell their stories through animation.

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