Explore featured sessions to learn about the impact of technology advances in financial technology (Fintech).

Fintech is driving global innovation that’s transforming how companies, consumers, and money interact across industries, from financial services to retail to transportation and beyond. AI is making Fintech interactions more personalized with recommendation engines, improving self-service using conversational AI, and making transactions more secure with fraud-detection models.


Jensen Huang | NVIDIA | Founder and CEO

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Featured Speakers

Disrupting Insurance Business Models with Data and AI

Robin Jose 
Chief Data and Analytics Officer, wefox

Large-Scale Graph Neural Networks Optimization for Financial Application

Venkatesh Ramanathan
Director of Data Science, PayPal

Digital Transformation in Credit Agricole via Document Automation

Sebastien Vieux
IT Chief Strategist, Crédit Agricole

Sessions By Topics

Financial Services

  • Constructing Cross-Sectional Systematic Strategies by Learning to Rank

    • Daniel Poh, Ph.D. Researcher, Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance
    • Stefan Zohren, Associate Professor, University of Oxford

    Learn about an extension where we explore incorporating a high-frequency market fragility measure to rankers. This modification empirically improves the risk profile of the ranking algorithms and benefits tremendously from GPU-accelerated training.

  • Improving Fraud Detection with Autoencoders

    • Benny Lifschitz, Director of Data Science, Riskified

    We'll describe (1) the main frauds we see, and how they're changing; (2) the difficulties of regular models; and (3) how auto-encoders can detect fraud. We utilize NVIDIA GPU clusters on AWS to accelerate training to enable fast train, test, validate, and deploy.

  • How AI is Helping to Reduce Risk and Enable Text-Intensive Automation

    • Armin Bauer, Co-Founder, Managing Director Technology, IDnow
    • Rachel Kirkham, Executive Director, Audit Risk and Analytics, MindBridge
    • Shay Strong, VP of Analytics, ICEYE
    • Susana Latorre, Business Development Manager, Munich Re
    • Filip Graliński, Chief Data Scientist, Applica
    • Oscar Guerra, Inception Program Manager, NVIDIA

    The adoption of AI is wide and deep, and few industries exemplify this diversity better than finance. Learn how our startups are using computer vision to make financial services more efficient, flexible, and profitable.

  • Towards Implementing Trustworthy AI - with Example in Financial Services

    • Dr. Jochen Papenbrock, Partner Relationship Manager, NVIDIA
    • Jayant Narayan, Lead - AI & Machine Learning, Technology Policy, World Economic Forum
    • Jochen Biedermann, Managing Director, World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC)
    • Melissa Koide, CEO, FinRegLab
    • David Thogmartin, Director, aiStudio | Risk Advisory, AI & Data Analytics, Deloitte

    Learn about the most recent global and local developments with AI use case implementations in financial services and explainability, trustworthiness, and the regulatory view on AI.

  • The Future of Identity in a Post-COVID World

    • Kedar Kulkarni, CEO, HyperVerge

    We'll explore how identity as a concept is evolving, the best methods of fraud prevention, and how organizations around the world are coming together to create consortia to create a common pool of identity and fraud data.

  • Money Laundering Detection using Variational Autoencoders

    • Felix Berkhahn, Chief Data Scientist, Hawk:AI

    We'll show how Variational Autoencoders can achieve this from various angles. Because we work with datasets of billions of transactions, NVIDIA GPU cloud instances are required for training the models.

Conversational AI/NLP

  • AI in Practice: Allianz Cuts Down on Time-to-Insight with Out-of-Box NLP with Accern

    • Anshul Vikram Pandey, Co-Founder and CTO, Accern
    • Chad Virgin, Managing Director, Allianz Life Ventures

    Learn how Allianz implemented a no-code natural language processing (NLP) tool run on NVIDIA GPUs to incorporate sentiment data into their process and get portfolio insights more efficiently.

  • Conversational AI Demystified, And a Hands-on Walkthrough

    • Miguel Angel Martinez, Senior Deep Learning Data Scientist, NVIDIA

    Get an overview of the conversational AI landscape and discuss how any organization can get started developing conversational AI applications today. Then, we'll demonstrate how to build and deploy end-to-end conversational AI pipelines using NVIDIA RIVA.

  • Toward Real-Time Domain-Specific Automatic Speech Recognition

    • San Linn, Head of Technology, AI Innovation Labs

    Real-time automatic speech recognition (ASR), or near-real-time transcription, needs to be highly efficient and responsive. Learn how we used the NVIDIA NeMo conversational AI toolkit to demonstrate the capability.

  • From Speech to Text: How Does AI Understand the Spoken Word?

    • Sarah Al-Hussaini, Co-Founder and COO, Ultimate AI
    • Andreas Rath, CEO, ONDEWO GmbH
    • Kelly Davis, Co-Founder, Coqui
    • Oz Krakowski, Chief Revenue Officer, Deepdub
    • Michael Wang, Head of Conversational AI Ecosystem, NVIDIA
    • Alon Buchnik, Founder & CTO, Onvego
    • Arik Kol, Sr. Director, Inception Startup Program Lead in Israel, NVIDIA

    Discover how AI startups working in this field empower their algorithms to make sense of this complexity and deliver insights beyond what we can understand.

Data Science

Data Center/Networking

  • Chronos: The Pulse of the Data Center

    • Aviad Raveh, VP Product M&E Networking, NVIDIA

    We’ll show that accurate timing in the cloud and data center is now available and show how data center compute algorithms can improve by using accurate timestamp/timing.

  • InfiniBand HPC Cloud Best Practices: Implementing Performance Isolation on Microsoft Azure

    • Gilad Shainer, SVP - Networking, NVIDIA
    • Jithin Jose, Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft

    Microsoft Azure HPC cloud leverages the NVIDIA InfiniBand In-Network Computing acceleration engines and its enhanced congestion control mechanisms to enable bare-metal HPC and AI performance. At the same time, it eliminates network hot spots and maintaining highly efficient network performance. We'll explore best practices for optimizing the network activity and supporting a variety of applications and users on the same network.

  • Secure the Data Center Environment by Implementing Software-based Segmentation

    • Sharon Besser, SVP - Business Development, Guardicore

    We'll explore current visibility and segmentation capabilities that empower simplified prevention, detection, and remediation of different attack classes such as ransomware and supply chain attacks. Most data center operators still use conventional methods to segment critical applications.

  • Programming the Data Center of the Future Today with the New NVIDIA DOCA Release

    • Ariel Kit, Director Product DPU, NVIDIA
    • Pete Lumbis, Director of Ethernet Switching Technical Marketing and Docs, NVIDIA

    We’ll cover the new DOCA features and services for developers and IT operations, including App Shield library for securing applications and privacy, host-based routing service to enable networking extension, communication channel for agent acceleration, and enhanced telemetry for deep visibility and security applications.

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