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Breakthrough Performance for Last-Mile Delivery: a Domino’s Success Story

Francis Cardone
Lead Geospatial Data Scientist, Domino’s

The One Retail AI Use Case That Stands Out Above The Rest

Tom Arigi
Director of Asset Protection, Kroger

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Computer Vision - Intelligent Video Analytics

  • The One Retail AI Use Case That Stands Out Above The Rest

    • Chris Walton, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Omni Talk
    • Tom Arigi, Director of Asset Protection, Kroger
    • Read Hayes, Director of Loss Prevention Research Council/Criminologist, University of Florida – LPRC
    • Alex Siskos, Chief Growth Officer, Everseen
    • Andrea Huels, AI Business Development, Lenovo

    Retailers are increasingly leveraging self-checkout (SCO) systems to reduce customer friction, improve margins, and better compete with online shopping convenience. Meanwhile, self-report, video, and other evidence indicates current SCO deployment models create significant intentional and accidental losses and resulting inventory distortions. We'll describe and discuss a self-serve checkout system deployed at scale in a major U.S. retailer that significantly reduces losses by turning AI insights into real-time protective and service action. A senior retail asset protection executive, a university criminologist, the system’s developer, and an AI expert will discuss this real-world program, while describing how it and several other AI initiatives fit into an emerging operational framework.

  • Combine Multicamera Tracking and Footfall to Reveal the Mall Part of the Multichannel Customer Journey

    • Nicolas Bouvattier, CEO, Digeiz
    • Julien Desmarais, CTO of Digeiz
    • Bastien Leal, Head of Marketing, Hammerson

    Shopping malls are under pressure due to falling commercial rents stemming from retailers' declining profitability, environmental issues, offers-in-excess (in the US), retail bashing, and stock prices (REITs). Intelligent video analytics allow new monitoring of a business's value proposal through smart data collecting using existing camera infrastructure.

  • Quickly Develop Vision AI Applications from any Perspective

    • Chintan Shah, Senior Product Manager, NVIDIA
    • Akhil Docca, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA

    Today’s businesses are relying on computer vision to improve product quality, enable autonomous shopping, and more. We will show how to leverage the TAO Toolkit and pre-trained models with help of customer examples, demos, and sample applications to get you up and running in minutes.

  • Accelerating the Development of Next-Generation AI Applications with DeepStream 6.0

    • Alvin Clark, Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA

    Edge AI and distributed processing applications are at the forefront of the deep learning revolution. Learn how DeepStream 6.0 can help you create the next big thing for retail, delivering for the first time, temporal video processing. This innovation unlocks new use cases that range from action recognition to signal processing.

Recommender Systems

Conversational AI/NLP

  • Conversational AI Demystified, and a Hands-on Walkthrough

    • Miguel Angel Martinez, Senior Deep Learning Data Scientist, NVIDIA

    Get an overview of the conversational AI landscape and discuss how any organization can get started developing conversational AI applications today. Then, we'll demonstrate how to build and deploy end-to-end conversational AI pipelines using NVIDIA RIVA.

  • Toward Real-Time Domain-Specific Automatic Speech Recognition

    • San Linn, Head of Technology, AI Innovation Labs

    Real-time automatic speech recognition (ASR), or near-real-time transcription, needs to be highly efficient and responsive. Learn how we use the NVIDIA NeMo conversational AI toolkit to demonstrate the capability.

  • From Speech to Text: How Does AI Understand the Spoken Word?

    • Sarah Al-Hussaini, Co-Founder and COO, Ultimate AI
    • Andreas Rath, CEO, ONDEWO GmbH
    • Kelly Davis, Co-Founder, Coqui
    • Oz Krakowski, Chief Revenue Officer, Deepdub
    • Michael Wang, Head of Conversational AI Ecosystem, NVIDIA
    • Alon Buchnik, Founder & CTO, Onvego
    • Arik Kol, Sr. Director, Inception Startup Program Lead in Israel, NVIDIA

    Discover how AI startups working in this field empower their algorithms to make sense of this complexity and deliver insights beyond what we can understand.


  • The Rise of Smart Infrastructure: Automating Smart Spaces with NVIDIA Metropolis and Edge AI

    • Adam Scraba, Director of Product Marketing, NVIDIA

    From retail shops to warehouses to our city streets, every space is becoming smarter thanks to AI-enabled vision applications. In this talk, NVIDIA will share how the world’s smartest spaces are using the NVIDIA Metropolis AI application framework to accelerate time to impact—from development to deployment and management.

  • Rise of the Intelligent Edge: From Enterprise to Device Edge

    • Justin Boitano, VP and GM of Enterprise and Edge Computing, NVIDIA

    Edge computing is transforming the way organizations use the data they collect from stores, factories, and hospitals, turning those data into actionable, intelligent insights. Learn about the hardware, AI applications, and management services that make deploying AI at the edge simple and secure.

  • Exploring Cloud-Native Edge AI

    • Jacob Liberman, Product Manager - Enterprise and Edge Acceleration, NVIDIA

    Every industry will deploy AI servers at the edge to exploit Internet-of-things sensor data in real time—detecting illness, preventing theft, and responding to natural disasters. We'll review the benefits of cloud-native for edge AI and will demonstrate how to integrate NVIDIA accelerators into cloud-native edge AI platforms.

  • Real-Time AI Processing at the Edge

    • Francis Lam, Datacenter GPU Product Management, NVIDIA
    • Jacob Liberman, Product Manager - Enterprise and Edge Acceleration, NVIDIA

    Bring together the powerful performance of the NVIDIA Ampere architecture with the enhanced security and latency-reduction capabilities of the DPU to accelerate edge computing workloads. We'll deep dive into how these NVIDIA converged cards can be used to create high-performance AI applications, making them optimal platforms to manage precision manufacturing robots, automated guided vehicles, wireless cameras, self-checkout aisles, and more.

Data Science

  • Discover Common Apache Spark Operations Turbocharged with RAPIDS and NVIDIA GPUs

    • Hao Zhu, Senior Manager - Accelerated Spark Applications, NVIDIA

    This microbenchmark runs the same queries in CPU mode and GPU mode on a Spark standalone cluster with 128 CPU cores and one A100 GPU on each node. As a result, we put the sample queries with its performance numbers in a notebook as a showcase.

  • Accelerating Data Science: What's New in RAPIDS

    • John Zedlewski, Director - RAPIDS, NVIDIA

    We’ll dive into some of the recent frontiers of RAPIDS and upcoming features, including improvements to inference, Pandas compatibility, SQL support, and graph analytics.

  • Accelerating Digital Twin Constructions and Multi-Criteria Decision Making

    • Kaustav Bhattacharya, Global Product Manager, TCS TwinX, Tata Consultancy Services
    • Kathakali Seth, Senior Data Scientist, TCS TwinX, Tata Consultancy Services

    Learn about automated real-time explainability of entity attributes, interrelationships, behavioral dispositions, and reinforcement of the digital twins to ensure higher correlation with real-world systems.

  • PyTorch Ecosystem: The State of the State 2021

    • Joseph Spisak, Product Manager, Facebook

    PyTorch continues to be a foundational component for AI research, and increasingly for production at scale, at companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and many others. As PyTorch continues to grow, so does the ecosystem around it. We’ll provide an update on the state of the AI community and ecosystem around PyTorch.

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