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Discover how the world’s leading film and production studios create the most advanced, visually rich feature films and television shows with stunning visual effects (VFX), realistic animation, and ray tracing. And see how broadcasters are redefining how content is created, distributed, and consumed.


Jensen Huang | NVIDIA | Founder and CEO

Don’t miss the chance to hear Jensen Huang inform how the company is driving the rapid pace of technology advancements and new offerings to help solve the world's toughest challenges. The live keynote broadcast happens on November 9, at 9:00 a.m. Central European Time with a rebroadcast at 8:00 a.m. PST / 11:00 a.m. EST.

The keynote webcast will be open for everyone to watch (no registration required).

Featured Speakers

Imagineering the Metaverse: A Fireside Chat with Disney Imagineer Bei Yang

Bei Yang
Technology Studio Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering

More Realistic 3D Reconstruction of Human Performances

Charles Dupont
Head of Product, dimension

Featured Sessions by Topic

Animation, Visual Effects, and Virtual Production

  • More Realistic 3D Reconstruction of Human Performances

    • George Ash, Software Engineer, dimension
    • Charles Dupont, Head of Product, dimension

    Volumetric video is a scalable and realistic way of capturing human performances, typically with multi-camera stages. Join dimension as they cover end-to-end volumetric capture of 3D human performance; how inverse rendering approaches approximate material properties of the subject; and use cases for VFX or XR scenarios.

  • Discover iClone to Omniverse: The Complete Character Animation Workflow

    • Elvis Huang, Head of Innovation, Reallusion
    • John Martin II, Vice President, Reallusion

    Learn how to create, animate, and deploy digital humans and 3D characters for Omniverse Create and Machinima. Easily build and animate characters with Character Creator and iClone. With the new iClone Connector for Omniverse, you can simplify character facial blendshape animation, body animation, props, camera, lights, and scene setup. And use AI-driven voice to animate characters. Finally, see how ActorCore adds life to single actors or crowds in Omniverse.

  • The Lighting of the Future in Today's VR with RTXGI

    • Jason Cooper, Chief Digital Officer, Horizon Productions
    • Giff Ransom, Senior Programmer, Horizon Productions

    Virtual reality projects have demanding frame rate requirements that can keep these applications a generation behind in graphics quality. In this session, hear how Horizon Productions builds state of the art VR/AR experiences for enterprise clients and see how RTXGI can dynamically adjust lighting as the environment changes—even as the time of day and weather changes. Finally, see how to use RTXGI in projects using Unreal Engine.

  • Exploring Omniverse, USD and Real-Time Rendering to Transform Global Film Production and Workflows at DNEG

    • Daire Byrne, Global Head of Systems, DNEG
    • Michael Corcoran, Global Workflow Architect - Creatures, DNEG
    • Bernhard Kerschbaumer, Global Workflow Architect - Shots, DNEG
    • Roy C Anthony, Global Head of Research, DNEG

    Legacy solutions need tens of hours to render and transfer terabytes of data in studio, or globally, between locations, so production teams don’t enjoy immediate feedback on changes. Learn how DNEG is looking to Omniverse, GPU-accelerated workflows, and implementations of USD to transform the future of production.

Professional Broadcast

  • Live Replays with Frame Interpolation and Cloud Processing

    • Olivier Barnich, Head of Innovation, EVS

    EVS, a leader in live broadcast production solutions, discusses how cloud-based services can be used to enrich live programming while meeting the strictest quality and turnaround requirements. EVS will showcase its new super slow-motion service, used on major sports broadcasts today. Based on both cloud processing and machine learning, the service enables the transformation of footage from any camera angle on a production into high-speed video using frame interpolation.

  • Reimagine Storytelling

    • Ed Plowman, CTO, Disguise Technologies

    We’ll explore Fabric and NMOS hosting on Fabric with application-level support using a new controller launching in conjunction with another team. This will be the first launch of Fabric--a game-changer for real-time scalable infrastructure.

  • Using AI-Driven Tracking for Virtual Production, Interactive Art, and Live Entertainment

    • Matt Swoboda, Director, 10 Bit FX Limited/Notch

    The Maxine SDK has been integrated into Notch — the real-time graphics tool for 3D and VFX — to enable AI-driven face tracking, body tracking, and background removal to be used easily by artists. This session discusses our experience of integrating technologies, our artist-centric motivations in the context of building a software product, and some of the real-world outcomes artists have achieved using the technologies. Some interesting case studies will be presented showing the technologies in use in some high-profile live events and touring shows, the successes and the challenges along the way, and their implications for the present and future of live entertainment and music.

  • Transforming Storytelling with Digital Avatars

    • Oscar Guerra, Inception Program Manager, NVIDIA
    • Maria Chmir, CEO, Deepcake
    • Kevin He, CEO, Deepmotion
    • Gilad Talmon, CEO, Tetavi
    • Kathryn Webb, Creative AI Director, WPP
    • Victor Riparbelli, CEO, Synthesia

    Discover how startups across the world are making storytelling more accessible and engaging through the use of bespoke, lifelike digital avatars. From the use of volumetric capture enabling holographic experiences to AI motion capture that generates 3D animations, learn about the latest technologies impacting media & entertainment today.

3D Collaboration & Immersive Entertainment

  • A New Era of Realism: Building Breathtaking Cinematic Renderings in Omniverse

    • Andrew Averkin, Lead Environmental Artist, NVIDIA

    Hear from one of NVIDIA's expert environmental artists about how a retro-gaming inspired bedroom scene came together over just a few days of work. Dive into a workflow featuring Autodesk 3ds Max, NVIDIA Omniverse Create, Omniverse Connectors, V-Ray, and the Omniverse RTX Renderer.

  • Foundations of the Metaverse: Omniverse Nucleus for Collaboration

    • TJ Galda, Director of Product Management, NVIDIA

    Get a closer look into Omniverse Nucleus, the Omniverse platform’s revolutionary collaboration and database engine that allows live editing for multiple artists at once. Also, see a real-time Omniverse-accelerated workflow with Omniverse Connectors, enabling 3D artists and creators to work collaboratively across leading industry tools.

  • Wearing the Omniverse: Photogrammetry Applied to Clothing

    • Jesus Luque, CTO, Peris Digital
    • Sergio Martinez Portela, Head Software Engineer, Peris Digital

    Creating digital clothing has been laborious and time-consuming. See how Peris Digital is proposing to digitize their 7.5 million-garment warehouse on demand. This lowers the production cost of each garment and increases the speed of creation, enabling higher-quality digital garments for main and secondary characters and improving the quality and realism of the productions.

  • Animated Storytelling: Turn a Story into an Animated Film with NVIDIA Technologies

    • Michael Berhanu, Co-founder, ARMA

    Ethiopian creative studio ARMA is crafting an animated story about Abebe Bikila, the first African Olympic gold medalist--an Ethiopian athlete whose life story is one of triumph at the most difficult of times, both on and off the track. In this session, ARMA co-founder Michael Berhanu will share how NVIDIA technologies enable creative artists and storytellers to produce artwork collaboratively and tell their stories through animation.

  • HTC VIVE + CloudXR: Deploying Seamless Streaming

    • Shen Ye, Senior Director, Global Head of Hardware Products, HTC VIVE

    HTC is the first manufacturer to offer integrated NVIDIA CloudXR support for a commercially available headset with the VIVE Focus 3. Discover seamless remote rendering for XR applications, and the partner ecosystem that empowers users to design, modify, and collaborate on large assets within the VR environment - all without the traditional requirements of a local GPU and a tethered headset.

Sessions From Around the World

  • Scaling XR Applications with CloudXR, Edge Computing, and 5G: Use Cases in Entertainment

    • Krasi Nikolov, CEO and Co-founder, QuarkXR

    QuarkXR will share their experience of scaling XR applications for location-based entertainment, manufacturing, and robotic teleoperation using CloudXR, edge computing, and 5G. See how they used CloudXR to simplify deployment, meet enterprise requirements, and deliver desktop XR quality to standalone head-mounted displays.

    Country/Location: Bulgaria

  • AI Enables a New Form of Performance Art at Silbersalz Science Festival

    • Johannes Stelzer, CEO, Colugo GmbH / Lunar Ring

    Learn about Augenblick, the central art piece of this year’s Silbersalz Science and Media festival. See how a 350+-inch screen, connected to a local supercomputer, created real-time artistic transformation using multiple camera views from the stage and audience. The result is a new stage set, co-created by humans and artificial intelligence.

    Country/Location: Germany

  • A Deep Dive into Building Microservices with Omniverse

    • Jozef van Eenbergen, Senior Software Engineering Manager, NVIDIA
    • Philippe Sawicki, Senior Software Engineer, NVIDIA

    Learn how to build, use, and run micro services with Omniverse. We'll build several services to demonstrate how the services stack can be used for various tasks. Using real-world scenarios, we'll inspire you to build your own composable and reusable set of services, offloading work from the main application by automating and scaling workloads or distributing workloads across data centers and cloud infrastructure.

    Country/Location: Canada

  • Real-Time, Multiplayer 3D Virtualization in Omniverse: From the Device right in Front of You

    • Matteo Giuberti, CTO, RADiCAL
    • Gavan Gravesen, CEO, RADiCAL

    Next-gen metaverse applications and virtual production pipelines have a thing in common: they require authentic 3D representation of human activity at scale. Explore how Omniverse Machinima enables real-time, multi-player, 3D skeletal motion capture for anyone, anywhere using nothing but the device right in front of you.

    Country/Location: Italy

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